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Fiber Optic Floor

A fiber optic floor employs one of the most sophisticated forms of indoor decorative lighting ever developed. Optical cable made from glass or plastic is internally coated with a reflective, acrylic substance.

This allows light to maintain its intensity even when it passes through a cable that has been curved. These cables can be embedded in a floor, a patio, or a deck to create a wide range of lighting intensities and special effects.


Any type of flooring can be accented in this fashion, including the wooden floors in outdoor buildings and decks. Optical cable does not conduct electricity, so it is a totally heat free medium. There is never any danger of the cables overheating no matter how long the lights are turned. An illuminator box, installed in a remote location, can send light through hundreds of cables at the same time.

Fiber optic floors can feature an even distribution of colored light, or they can feature bright spot light effects that are evenly distributed over the surface area. When a spotlight effect is desired, a large number of cables are tightly bundled together in one area.

This concentrates their light into a unity that looks like a spotlight shining up from the floor. A glass lens is typically installed over this cluster to complete the effect of a single light source.

Individual cables can also be scattered throughout the entirety of a fiber optic floor to create a wide range of special effects. Using very small cables, Houston landscaping designers can create the equivalent of the nighttime sky with what is known as the “star floor” design. They can also install groups of cables in standard geometric shapes or abstract patterns that accent floor designs.

By varying the number of optical cables in certain places, Houston landscaping designers can create patterns of light that combine alternating tones with different colors of the spectrum. Tile floors, for example, have long been known for mosaic patterns that capture the attention through rich curves and coloration patterns.

These curves and colors can become even more pronounced in a floor enhanced by fiber optics. The light adds an extra dimension to the decorations that causes the tile to appear even more pronounced at night.

Fiber optic floors are ideal for outdoor kitchens, swimming pool houses, and the floors of garden pavilions and garden gazebos. Patterns can range from a sprinkling of tiny points of light, called a fiber optic star pattern, to clusters of light that change at random intervals as the illuminator box alters the color of the light.

The flywheel controller can also be programmed to light certain portions of the floor at timed intervals in a progression of colors that contribute specific emotional tones to the environment.

Fiber optic floors can also be made from decorative concrete. Optical cables are threaded through the concrete when it is molded so that they shine light up from its surface. Decorative concrete patios with embedded fiber optics are ideal compliments to gardens, courtyards, and swimming pools with fiber optic lighting.