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Increase Curb Appeal with Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber optic pool lighting is considered by many people to be the most sophisticated form of pool lighting currently available. While it is also the most expensive, it is definitely worth the money for those who seek a Houston landscaping plan with maximum curb appeal. Once installed, they seldom require replacement or repair because they simply transmit light from a remote source. They do not produce light like other type of lighting equipment that operates underwater.

On a practical level, pool lighting is essential to the safety of guests using the pool at night. People need to see where the pool coping is located in order to avoid tripping. This is especially true in swimming pool plans where the pool’s shape may be irregular and the coping may follow a path of its own. Fiber optic lights can be installed on top of the coping, on its side just above the water, or just under the water line for ambient effect. This will help guests who want to walk around the patio freely see just where the edge of the water is.


Some fiber optic pool lighting is also designed to help people see clearly into the pool itself. Fiber optic cables can produce any color desirable. Those colors such as bright white blue or off white that are most conducive to visibility can be used to mark portions of the pool that vary in depth from shallow wading areas to the deep sections of the pool where people dive.

Other fiber optic pool lighting colors, like the more ambient shades of red, green, or blue, can produce some of the most spectacular displays of color imaginable. The pictures that you see of swimming pools at five star resorts that glow with exotic colors are often illuminated with fiber optics. For any client interested in Houston luxury landscaping design, we would strongly recommend taking a good close look at the pools in some of the best hotels in the world and selecting pictures to use as reference point in the consultation with their Houston landscaping designer.

One of the reasons that fiber optic pool lighting is recommended for more luxurious designs is because it is so easy to customize to pool designs that are highly customized themselves. Many luxury swimming pools have very unique water elements integrated built into their form. Spas, waterfalls, fountains, and water jets that shoot out from the side of the pool wall are often just as much a part of the pool as the areas where people wade, play, and swim.

Fiber optic pool lighting can be installed in all of these water elements due to the very nature of fiber cables themselves. Because they are installed in physical structures themselves, they will appear to be part of the water itself. This is particularly true in waterfalls and fountains, where the water runs right over illuminated fiber cables that are shining through from just under its surface.

Many more custom designs are possible when lighting a pool with this exciting and new technology. Pool lighting designs are best developed by Houston landscaping consultants as part of the overall swimming pool design, renovation, or remodel.