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Linear Pool Designs

Linear pool designs can be integrated into a variety of Houston landscaping plans. Linearity is an integral element of classical, formal, modern, and contemporary design. Any home that features a strong preference for clear lines and sharp angles can be enhanced with a linear swimming pool. Many landscape features that function as aesthetic anchor points to the various styles of landscaping we do can also work in conjunction with a linear pool to create a fusion of elements that upgrade the entire property’s curb appeal.

We see this particularly in the world of contemporary design. Linear pools are by nature longer than they are wide. Many contemporary homes are built with the same principle in mind. They are either much taller than they are wide, or they are very long structures that are comparatively low to the ground. In either instance, a rectangular pool will mirror this effect either directly or indirectly.

Linear pool designs help integrate architecture with other contemporary landscape elements that also feature linear elements. Walkways, gardens, and patios can all be tied to the home through the geometry of the pool. Water is a superb element to use in modern and contemporary landscaping because it is something of a mysterious element. It is the source of organic life, but it is non-organic by nature. It provides a perfect fusion of the world of the abstract with the minimalist approach to organic forms that this style of design takes.


If you have a formal landscape, then a luxury linear pool can also make a significant contribution to your house and garden designs. Consider having a pool built at varying levels along a terraced patio. The top portion of the pool can be a heated spa. This can spill over a waterfall into the main body of water below. Pool spas designed in this fashion combine the comfort of a spa with the athletic capability of a fully functional lap pool. The advantage they offer is they look more aesthetic than a standard lap pool you would see at a natatorium.

Some people want a linear pool design because it provides them with a better vantage point from which to hold outdoor events. A custom patio designed specifically for entertainment offers plenty of seating area for guests to gather around the water. Such pools are often built very close to the house so that the homeowners and guests can step out of the home interior directly onto a deck or patio that surrounds the pool.

A linear pool design in this instance would be customized to look like a fluid extension of the home exterior. It would retain its functional role as a place for people to swim, but its most important role would be that of improving curb appeal. Building it close to the house also allows homeowners to hold events that combine indoor and outdoor entertainment activities that are located only a few steps away from each other.

Because linearity is a basic form of nature, garden designs around linear pool designs are not limited to minimalist themes. While the minimalist style can be directly supported by a pool featuring a long, clean look, the