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Pool Design Ideas

Pool design ideas are something you need to take the time to look into. Regardless of whether you are using online sources, print sources, or driving around, never go for anything cheap or passé. A swimming pool will literally make or break the curb appeal of a home. Nothing will destroy a backyard landscape quicker than a generic swimming pool design. Forget about those “luxury” pools as many people like to call them.

Instead, either choose or develop a pool design idea that will compliment the architecture of your house. It should make visitors feel as if they are stepping from indoor living space into true outdoor living space. Secondly, the pool must also provide a compliment to garden design and other landscape architecture. Pool patios, in fact, are very important hardscape surfaces that can tie many different points of the landscape together into a singular, unified focal point.

Also, keep in mind that your pool design ideas should actually be treated as direct expressions of your personality, sense of beauty, and lifestyle. Your swimming pool geometry, size, and material build should all work together to reflect who you are as an individual. Your social habits should also be considered when coming up with a swimming pool design. Think about the people you will be inviting to your home. All of them have preferences and lifestyles that should be accommodated. Some want a place to lay in the shade. Others want sunshine to tan. Still others want to be in the water as much as possible, be it to swim, recline in a spa, relax by a fountain, or play in water jets.

The size of your pool patio should be built to accommodate an anticipated number of guests. This will prevent overcrowding and allow for plenty of room and enjoyment for everyone who attends your next summer extravaganza.


If you are looking for pool design ideas that are guaranteed to upgrade the aesthetic of your entire property, then water features are the key. Water features create interest and vertical impact. Some can even be used to generate sound effects that add drama to the moment. At night, when properly lit, they also bring color and vibrancy that expands the apparent boundaries of the pool into the realm of imagination. Just a few examples include the following:

Bubblers are concealed vertical jets that literally bubble pillars of water up above the surface either at one end of the pool or at a special area at the side(s). With new LED lights, along with silent pumps, bubblers can add a sublime and mystical touch to your pool at night.

Horizontal Water Jets
These are jets shoot that shoot water in arcs across the surface of the pool. When correctly constructed and illuminated with fiber optic lights, they create an irresistible allure to people who want to touch these brilliant streams of water.

Finally, above all things, keep in mind that the location of your swimming pool is equally important to your pool design ideas. It is best to let your landscaping company design your pool in relationship to your home, yard, and garden design, and then subcontract a pool construction company to have it installed.

When you want true luxury incorporated into your pool design idea, you can have a spa constructed at in that will spill over multiple levels into the main portion of the pool. This is an excellent way to make the pool look larger than it really is from the vantage point of the patio. However, when viewed from the house, an arbor, an outdoor kitchen, or a garden, the pool will not dominate the landscape in an unsightly manner.

Waterfalls are recommended for large, custom pools. They look best in designs that imitate natural ponds because waterfalls are typically associated with rivers, streams, and lakes. Waterfalls are expensive to operate, but they are well-worth investing in if you own a large estate in a neighborhood such as Memorial or River Oaks where expansive pool design ideas are innately apropos to large tracts of land.