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Backyard Pool Design

Nothing adds new character and curb appeal to a property quite like backyard pool design does. It gives homeowners and guests a focal point for outdoor entertainment, and it adds curb appeal to your home. Adding a pool can often be the first element in a residential landscape design plan that can take an otherwise unwanted or overlooked yard and become a whole new world of outdoor living as its own right. If the right professional landscaper designs the pool as one major element in relationship to all the others, the pool may cause the landscape look refined, but never ostentatious.

Backyard pool design begins with consultation and planning. The designer normally meets with the homeowner in a series of meetings where the owner’s outdoor lifestyle is discussed and a wish list, so to speak, is drafted in accordance to client desire. The designer will also want to take a good look at your home and property in order to conceptualize the essentials of a landscape master plan. Taking the time to do all of these things helps ensure that you’re a pool works with your home’s aesthetic and all surrounding elements.

Many times, people will ask if the size of their yard places any limiting factors on backyard pool design itself. The truth is, the size of the property has very little real impact on the size of the pool. Designers can create a pool in almost any sized yard.

However, this is not so easy to do with other landscape elements. Outdoor buildings, outdoor rooms, summer kitchens, gazebos, arbors, pergolas and courtyard can be designed large or small to fit the terrain. However, there are limitations as to how many such elements can be placed in a physically smaller lost. A pool company is definitely not going to be able to help with this.


However, a professional landscaper can. He or she can prioritize the individual elements of your master landscape plan in such a way that the pool, outdoor buildings and rooms, and garden elements are all created in scale to one another, and have proportions that properly respect the architecture of the home.

As to the pool elements themselves, much of that depends on the nature of the pool and the wishes of the homeowner. Aside from certain safety features need that must be built into every pool, regardless of the design. Beyond that, however, any number of special water elements such as water jets, fountains, waterfalls, and custom spas can be designed into the plans for the pool.

One thing that is essential to backyard pool design is a custom patio. A patio provides people with a solid surface that they can use to gather around the pool. In order to provide the very best poolside experience possible, the patio should be planned as carefully as the pool itself. Its geometry should complement the appearance of the pool, the home, and the rest of the yard. The materials used to build the patio should also compliment the style of your landscape, the build of your home, any masonry in your yard, and the coping that surrounds the pool.

Vegetation around the patio is also very important to backyard pool design. Vegetation helps transition the hardscape into the yard and garden elements beyond. This has the effect of making a pool look much more “natural” than it is, regardless of the style of its design.

Outdoor lighting is also just as important to the ultimate success of backyard pool design. Outdoor lights attract people to the pool at night and illuminate the water with a magnificence unseen during the daytime. There are scores of different light fixture type that can be used in and around a pool that are safe, attractive, and cost effective to operate.