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Houston Pool Remodeling: Just Do It

Pool remodeling work is needed when a swimming pool does not appropriately reflect the architecture of the home, or it is disproportionately sized in relationship to the rest of the yard. Such challenges are beyond the scope and scale of regular service and repair work. A complete redesign is necessary to create a new size and structure that is safe and contributes attraction enhancements that embody the essence of your personal lifestyle. Pool remodeling options, therefore, are not a fixed laundry list of services, per se. Of all the Houston landscaping ideas available, Exterior Worlds has found that luxury swimming pools are one of the most popular. They have become an expected amenity for an upscale home, never more so than in these days of staycations and cocooning at home. With that in mind, many of our clients face a Houston pool remodeling project, having bought an older home with a pool built in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Any Houston pool remodeling project should begin with a selection of your general contractor and swimming pool designer, often the same company as you will find at Exterior Worlds. We combine the talents of close listening to the customer, a certain dramatic flair for design and the business acumen to keep the complex process on track and on budget.


The complexity of your Houston pool remodeling job depends on many factors. The most involved situations are those in which the pool is completely wrong: the wrong place, the wrong style and the wrong materials. In these cases, the entire backyard needs to be changed, added to, rearranged and updated.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the circumstance in which only the surrounding elements need to be changed out. For instance, some pool areas can be completely updated by replacing the pool deck, which is the material, usually some form of masonry, that encircles the pool. Such a pool deck remodel project lets you coordinate its material choices with others in your landscape, restoring the tones and textures to a harmonic balance. Examples of today’s pool deck materials include tinted and stamped concrete, stone and brick.

Undertaking a swimming pool restoration might be a good time to considering adding other custom hardscapes to your yard. Luxury landscape items such as outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and garden wall fountains, for example, are perfect for formal entertaining or quality alone time. They create distinctive environments that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years.


A word to the wise about swimming pool construction and remodeling, in general. Homeowners often find that once they start a Houston pool remodeling project, they discover all kinds of problems inside the shell and beneath the pool deck that need to be fixed, such as leaking plumbing and worn electrical systems.

With some older remodels, we have to completely overhaul the plumbing and electrical systems to meet current regulatory requirements. However, if the shell is still good, we can salvage it, which leaves removing the concrete, redoing the plumbing and electrical, and then rebuilding the structure around the existing shell. This prospect points to the necessity of hiring a contractor, such as Exterior Worlds, who is an expert specifically in pool remodeling since no two projects will ever be alike.

But that is exactly the point with luxury landscape designs and water elements. You want your landscape to be uniquely your own, a touchstone of your aesthetics and sensibilities. In particular, you want your swimming pool to be a shimmering reflection of your lifestyle, an example of Houston outdoor living at its finest.

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