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Swimming Pool Landscape Designs That Work

A swimming pool landscape design is often the pièce de résistance in a Houston landscape. More than the glue that holds everything together, it is the jewel atop the crown. Our climate invites the presence of a pool. People are naturally drawn to it and creativity applied to the attendant landscaping only heightens the impact.

Luxury designs from Exterior Worlds take the basic elements of swimming pools and give them sophisticated élan, creating a special atmosphere for all your festive occasions. Our swimming pool landscape designs function as a continuation of your living space, moving from the interior to the exterior. Because it serves as this linkage, it is important that the swimming pool design properly reflect the architecture of your house. Our professional landscape architects or designers can help you achieve all the requisite demands.

One of the first decisions that your swimming pool designer will make is the location of the pool, a choice driven by the space available and the spatial relationship of the house and yard. You want it to fit the space without overpowering it. At the same time, you want it to be eye-catching and inviting.

One feature of the pool to pay close attention to is the pool coping, the masonry product that sits on the edge of the pool’s shell, often rising above the patio. It’s the hard surface on which you sit when you dangle your feet in the water. Coping material choices are driven by two functions: safety (it needs to be a non-slippery surface like brick or stone) and compatibility (it should be seamless with other material choices made for your home and landscape).


Besides the pool, another major element of your swimming pool landscape design is the patio. This wonderful and much-used outdoor space is often the “living room” of your backyard. Common construction types include flagstone patio, patio pavers and wood patios. Your choices regarding every feature of its construction need to be driven by how you intend to use it. For entertainment? For family usage? Adjoining other structures, such as an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplaces or cabana? You decide its best usage.

There’s good news for homeowners of older residences with pools designed and built in the 70s and 80s—especially if you’ve been looking longingly at the latest shelter magazines with their exquisite spreads of swimming pool landscape designs. A swimming pool remodeling orswimming pool restoration project from Exterior Worlds could be your solution.

With a remodeling job, a complete re-do is required. It is a project that involves tailoring the pool to your specific site, including terrain, tree elements, drainage and all structural architecture, and complying with your specific needs and desires. No two remodeling jobs are ever alike and therefore our professional design team is best suited for this extensive venture.

Meanwhile, a restoration project is not quite that involved. It could mean updating the pool decking with more current material choices. Perhaps the pool’s shell needs to be re-surfaced to achieve a particular aesthetic that is available with today’s product offerings. Both avenues are viable options to consider.

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