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Covered Outdoor Kitchens

Covered outdoor kitchens are perhaps the most popular type of outdoor room built by Exterior Worlds. This is because these rooms are essentially indoor living space inverted and transformed into outdoor comfort zones. They are designed to give you everything that a custom indoor kitchen gives you.

In addition to convenient usage, there are any number amenities and features that can be added to these rooms. Furnishings and technology typically associated with living rooms and family rooms can also be integrated with these floor plans in order to provide you with one central area for food preparation, dining, relaxation, conversation, and media entertainment.

Certain features of covered outdoor kitchens are standard, functional features that go into every one of these structures. These features are built into the room in order to make it self-sustaining. There is little point in investing in any outdoor living environment that requires you to run back inside to use an appliance or pick up food materials. Our outdoor rooms are more thoughtfully planned than that. They are built with specific standard features that make it possible to begin and end an afternoon or evening outside without ever having to return to the house for any reason.


Let’s take a look at some of the standard options that make this high level of convenience possible.

The refrigerators we install are just as large as indoor equivalents and are rated for outdoor use. They can be used to store any foodstuffs you normally keep inside.

Unless specifically directed otherwise by the client, we furnish ever covered outdoor kitchen with a separate freezer unit. This is not because the freezer units in refrigerators work any less effectively; they simply do not have enough storage area. Investing in an outdoor freezer allows you to stock up a variety of meats for traditional dishes and for outdoor grilling.

Side Burners
Fine cuisine often involves preparing soups and sauces that need burners for heating. Rather than having you sacrifice half of your cooking area for liquid foods, we place a separate set of burners to the side of the main stove so you can use one part for meats and vegetables and the other for soups and sauces.

Ovens are full-sized and built with Thanksgiving and Christmas baking in mind. There is never a need to prepare anything in an indoor oven and bring it outside. You can bake a turkey, roast, lamb, or Christmas duck right in your covered outdoor kitchen oven.

Stainless Steel Cabinets and Drawers
Stainless steel has a remarkable durability that makes it impervious to the elements. It also has a very strong and simple aesthetic that will blend well with any number of interior decorating themes. Cabinets are drawers are always built to scale comparable to those in your interior kitchen. There will be plenty of room for you to store cookware and utensils when the day is done.

Ice Makers
These are very important little appliances that people never realize they need until the Texas heat begins to raise the temperatures in their glass.

Granite or Marble Food Preparation Areas
Granite is the preferred countertop material in most of our covered outdoor kitchens. However, we want our clients to participate as much as possible in the design phase, so there are many projects we have done where fine marble has been substituted for granite.

Countertops are designed to look superb on an aesthetic level and to also provide plenty of space for food preparation. There is never a cramped feeling in a covered outdoor kitchen by Exterior Worlds. Our food preparation areas are designed with holiday meals and formal celebration in mind, so there will always be plenty of room to work regardless of the size or interior architecture of the structure..

Dining Room Areas
There is little point in preparing the equivalent of a five-star meal if you have to pack it to another area to enjoy it. That is why all of our covered outdoor kitchens are designed with fine flooring areas, a dining room table, and plenty of seating for guests. The actual size of your dining area and table are determined during our consultation phase, where we work with you to accurately forecast the average number of attendees to your summer parties and fall events.

Lighting Systems and Controls
A reputable lighting design and control company is brought in to install interior lighting for task and décor. This lets you host events starting in the evening and continue well into the night regardless of external lighting conditions or inclement weather.

Let’s take a look at now some of the custom options that we can build covered outdoor kitchens. There is a great range of flexibility in what we can do here, and much of it depends on your personal lifestyle and interests. Keep in mind that these are custom rooms, so once we have taken care of the basics of structure and functionality, you virtually have free reign in choosing the options that best meet your home entertainment needs.

Side Grills
Texans love to grill year round. Weather permitting, there is always a grill going somewhere in the city on any given weekend. Adding a side grill near the stove in your covered outdoor kitchen will allow you to use your outdoor room for events that typically call for barbecue as the main course, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

That way, if it rains on one of these holidays, you have a roof over your head and still get to make the best of the day outdoors.

Custom Cabinets
If aesthetics matters more to you than durability, cabinets and drawers can be custom built out of fine woods such as maple, oak, or mahogany.

Living Room Areas
A living room area right next to the dining area extends convenience into luxury. Anything from fine tiled floors to fully carpeted interiors can be built in these spaces, along with couches, chairs, papasan lounges, recliners, and rockers.

These living room areas can also be very cozy in the winter with the addition of a fireplace or fire pit. Fireplaces tend to make an outdoor living area look identical to an indoor room with traditional design. On a practical level, though, a central fire pit in the center of the room can warm a small area better than central heat.

Entertainment Systems
Everything from plasma flat screen TVs to high-end stereo equipment can be installed in the living room portion of your covered outdoor kitchen. Our lighting design partners can even install special controls that can change the lighting to match the moods of music or themes of movies at the push of a button.

Always think of lifestyle and convenience when you think of covered outdoor kitchens by Exterior Worlds. While these structures do represent an investment on your part, the increase in property value they typically generate represents a considerable return should you ever decide to sell your home, and many years of fine Houston outdoor living should you choose to remain in it.