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How to Hold a Birthday Party in your Outdoor Kitchen

Your Author Jeff Halperoutdoor kitchen can be the ideal place to hold a birthday party for someone you love.
This is because it is much more than a place to cook food. It is a sophisticated outdoor room with a fully functioning culinary facility, a special dining area, and its own built-in living room complete with furnishings and audio-visual entertainment systems.

The first thing you need to realize in planning this party is that your outdoor kitchen has been built to make it possible for you to cook anything.
Every standard appliance that you find in custom kitchen design is also present here. You will also have any special appliances you need to give yourself total freedom of choice when it comes to making your honored guest a full-course meal in addition to the traditional birthday cake.

Such a meal can be anything from a fine steak dinner to a chicken dish baked golden brown in the oven. You can also use your oven to roast vegetables if some guests are super health conscious, and you can use a grill built into the stove area to make hamburgers and hot dogs.


If the party is for a child, consider having Exterior Worlds build a pizza oven into your outdoor kitchen. Pizza is something kids are sure to love, and while it is not necessarily the healthiest food in the world, it is certainly better for their metabolism and teeth than the sugar in cake and candy.

Kids with a full-course pizza buffet will not complain if they get just a small piece of cake as desert if they have had their fill of pepperoni, cheese, and meatballs beforehand. Then again, adults will not either.

If you want to provide certain guests with a formal seating environment, we can also build a dining area into your outdoor kitchen.
The size of this area can be built to accommodate an anticipated number of guests in advanced. This will ensure that you have plenty of room in which to place a fine table which will give everyone seated plenty of elbow room and space to get up.

The dining area can also be designed in such a way as to let you place the table in a position where everyone seated has a good view of the swimming pool, custom fountains, garden design, and hardscape designs.

This is truly the best way to make anyone, young or older, feel truly special at his or her birthday party. Placing the guests of honor in direct relationship to the beauty of the home and the landscape magnifies the person’s feeling of importance, and it gives that person the best possible moment on the most special day of the year.

Other guests may not want to sit at a formal dining room table when an outdoor kitchen is really all about being outside.
These guests will truly enjoy the other options can provide for their seating. One would be a built-in living room, fully furnished with couches, chairs, and coffee tables. This is a great place to eat appetizers, meals, and cake, just like people do at parties inside.

Other seating options could include a small patio that extends the living space out into the yard. This multiplies the seating area, and it puts the people who want minimum enclosure out into the open space under the stars and the trees.

Music can fill the entire outdoor kitchen and maintain the mood of the festivities long after everyone has eaten. After the food settles, people will either want to really relax or get really active outside.

The living room can be a place of sheer luxury where all sorts of personality types can come and go and find something to pause and appreciate.
A full-screen plasma TV can hang on one end of the room. In the back wall, we can build a fully functional fireplace for people who just love to talk to have a very special and romantic place to talk.

The advantage this offers over an indoor living room is that the outdoor kitchen is directly connected to other area of activity such as the swimming pool, family sports court, and garden trails that allow people who want to wander off to find new interests plenty to do until the party is over.