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Outdoor Kitchen Design

The basic elements of these structures, such as the physical size and location of the outdoor room, are based on home architecture and surrounding yard elements.
The remaining details are determined by you. Much of what we put into an outdoor kitchen design comes directly out of your own personal experience, lifestyle, and individual tastes.

Since we are working with clients from all over the world now, we make it easy for clients to work with us. When we have our initial consultation, we gather all of the information we need for our design plans by answering a series of questions. Reading through these questions now, and having them ready when we speak on the phone, can help expedite the completion of your online landscape design plan.

First, determine whether you want acovered outdoor room or an open outdoor room.
The advantage of a covered room is it allows you to cook and eat outside even when it is raining. The disadvantage of a covered room is it is obviously more like being indoors because you are inside of a structure with three walls and a roof. If a view of the moon and the stars is part of your home entertainment agenda, you may just want to save the kitchen for clear nights.

You also should seriously consider just how many guests you plan to entertain with your outdoor kitchen design.
If you are going to use it for hosting large parties, then it can be designed much like a custom kitchen where people circulate into and out of the room as they eat, drink, and make conversation.

Alternatively, you have this room set apart as more of a family and close friend zone. This would call for an setting that includes a dining room and maybe even a living room area adjoined to the cooking area. With this type of design there is clearly only limited seating and a sense of invitation only for very special occasions to the people you want to devote the most attention to.


Consider how you want your cabinets and countertops to look in your outdoor kitchen design.
Granite, stone, and decorative concrete are very popular choices that perform beautifully in outdoor environments. We recommend that regardless of the surface material you ultimately choose that it be constructed with a minimum amount of grout. This will reduce your clean up time after a summer event.

There are basics that we provide for every summer kitchen. These basics include the essential appliances that you need to cook outdoors.
We strongly recommend stainless steel due to its resistance to rust. Stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, and sinks can be installed to ensure a corrosion-free environment.

Other options for your outdoor kitchen design lie within your realm of choice.
These are your creature comfort options, so to speak. Examples include water proof television sets and stereo systems. Cooking grills next to stove tops are another popular option because they allow barbecuing to be done side by side with main course meal preparation.

Any number of furniture styles can be used to create dining and seating areas, and outdoor fireplaces can be integrated into both open-roof and closed-roof designs.