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Exterior Worlds is building more outdoor kitchens throughout the Houston area than we ever have before. While our summers are always scorching, even at night, we can build any outdoor kitchen as a truly livable environment replete with fully operational climate controls, insect-proofing measures, and a plethora of modern appliances that rival the indoor kitchens of the finest custom homes. These superb structures also add an exceptional aesthetic to any style of landscaping, and they can be constructed to reflect the architecture of any style home. More and more Houston families are discovering an increasing value in outdoor kitchens as a means to curtail the costs of going out and to provide family and friends with a truly superior outdoor living experience.


Outdoor kitchens provide Houston residents all the full-service luxuries of custom indoor kitchens. The intent building such a facility is to make it so complete and fully operational that the homeowner never has to go back inside the home for foodstuffs, supplies, or utensils. Outdoor kitchens are constructed with custom cabinets, spacious drawers, ornate countertops, ovens, and stoves. Ovens and stoves are fully functional and can be used for cooking anything from simple dinners to gourmet recipes. Most Houston homeowners also request that we install a secondary grill that will allow them to barbecue in their summer kitchen as well as cooking traditional main courses.

Cold storage appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, and icemakers are also standard construction for all of our outdoor kitchens. Because Houston has such a hot climate, cold storage is something that we place a great deal of importance on. A partner lighting company is brought in to help us install these appliances on dedicated circuits. Dedicated circuits are individually run electrical wires that support each appliance independently in order to ensure it does not overload the surrounding appliances.

Sinks and pipes are usually made from stainless steel to protect these areas against corrosion. Countertops can be built from any number of materials, although granite is strongly recommended both because of its superb aesthetic and its resistance to wear and tear. Cabinets are typically built from stainless steel, although wooden cabinets can be constructed in a completely enclosed environment.

An outdoor kitchen soon becomes the hub of entertainment in any Houston yard in which it is built. These outdoor rooms are more than simple food preparation and cooking areas. They are built to accommodate full seating and dining areas customized to the anticipated number of guests expected to attend outdoor events. Ornate patio design or tile work is normally added to the design in order to support the environment on an attractive, amenable environment. Steps are taken in a variety of ways to render the structure insect proof. This way, guests can enjoy the attractions of the outdoors without the annoyances of pests.

Making a summer kitchen visually work with its surroundings is another priority of the landscape designer, whose design-build master plan gives as much priority to aesthetics as it does to functionality. Gardens are typically installed either around or adjacent to an outdoor kitchen. This gives the structure an exceptional sense of living outdoors. Both interior and exterior lighting is installed in the structure to make it visible and safe and optional lighting control systems can be added to create mood-altering effects by changing the intensity of the light or varying its degree of color rendering. We can even add stereo speakers and televisions to outdoor kitchens so you can enjoy your favorite movie or CD over dinner and wine on a balmy summer night.