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Houston Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling work is needed when a swimming pool does not appropriately reflect the architecture of the home, or it is disproportionately sized in relationship to the rest of the yard. Such challenges are beyond the scope and scale of regular service and repair work.

A complete redesign is necessary to create a new size and structure that is safe and contributes attraction enhancements that embody the essence of your personal lifestyle. Pool remodeling options, therefore, are not a fixed laundry list of services, per se. Rather, they are choices you can make in agreement with your landscape design team about what will give you the very best setting for entertainment and celebrations.

The basics of pool remodeling in Houston are based around pool dimensions and the creation of unique areas of special interest around the immediate scope of the water. The shape, depth, and style of the pool must be changed to match the home and surrounding landscape master plan. New patio work will need to be done too, using stone, brick, or masonry. Amenities such as diving boards, diving rocks, or kid slides might also be built into the new structure. .

There are also more aesthetic and luxury oriented options that can be part of pool remodeling for Houston homes. Water features are at the top of the list of these options. Spas are some of the most popular and sought after additions to basic pool design.

Spas add dimension and luxury to swimming pools. They can have varying depths, and they can be constructed with water jets that circulate heated water around muscles and joints. People who suffer from arthritis or those who are recovering from injuries love their jets for this reason.


Spas can also be built with user-friendly controls that allow jets, heating, and underwater lighting to be adjusted at will by the homeowner.

Another popular water feature that many Houstonians seem to particularly like is the waterfall. They create unique areas of special interest, and they can be built in any number of ways. They can be designed to pour down steps to lend a sense of drama and formal effect, or they can be created to pour over rocks to look like natural elements that soften the stark geometries of human architecture.

Waterfalls can be built with fountains that create sheer vertical impact that then cascades downward over stone steps, rock formations, or custom mosaic tile work. Or, a large rock wall can built like a small monolith that rises up out of the water at one end of the pool and centers the backdrop of the Houston landscape with its illuminated fluidity.

Swimming pool remodeling can also build optical illusion and perspective into your swimming pool. One such structural motif that creates a very harmonious—yet simultaneously mysterious—special effect to a swimming pool is a negative edge. A negative edge makes it look as though the water is disappearing over the side of the pool with no clear boundary to obstruct its course, and no visible basin to catch and contain it.

Other amenities that can be added at the time that pool remodeling is undertaken include, but are not limited t, tanning shelves, swim-up bars, spas, and benches.

No matter what the landscape designer in terms of a new pool design, the one thing that remains constant in pool remodeling is light. Lighting creates a safe and aesthetically pleasing realm at night so that guests can stay around the pool—or get in it—anytime they choose.

Pool remodeling can add any number of light fixture types that offer varying degrees of illumination and the opportunity to create special interest in a way that is more cost effective than ever. LED underwater lights and new fiber optic lights are only two examples of these.