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Swimming Pool Plans

Exterior Worlds takes swimming pool plans very seriously. We understand all too well that a pool can make or break that curb appeal of a property. Pools that look like they “belong” with a house improve its appeal and increase its resale value. Pools that are disproportional to their surroundings, or that feature designs that do not fit their environment, can immediately deter a potential buyer from considering the home as a purchase.

Knowing this, we are very systematic in our development of swimming pool plans. Each step we take in the process is carefully thought out. The pool is treated as an integral component of the master Houston landscaping plan, not as a standalone novelty item. Major considerations, such as the aesthetic impact the pool has on the home, and the way the pool ties the home to other landscape elements, guide both the design phase and the construction phase of the project.

We begin with a close examination of your house, property, and deed restrictions. Swimming pool plans must exist within the boundaries of what is allowable by circumstance and neighborhood ordinance. We do not want to undertake a project that would put you in violation of any codes, nor do we want to compromise underground utility lines which by law must remain undisturbed.


The location of your pool is therefore determined first by what is workable. There is a zone of construction, you might say, within which we can work within your property. The next step is to determine the exact location within this zone to construct the pool. This determination is based upon a combination of two simple factors: accessibility and aesthetics.

Most pool companies build the pool with an access point that allows for convenient entrance to the pool area from the home. We hold to this standard as well. Additionally, because we are a Houston landscape design firm, we also try to create at least one other access point that leads from the open spaces in the yard.

This may not always be possible in certain properties due to design constraints or heavy customization of the landscaping plan. However, to the fullest extent possible, we strive to develop swimming pool plans that create a smooth transition from home to pool to open space whenever possible.

This will make your pool look integral to your entire outdoor living experience. As both a zone of interest in its own right, and a transition space to other realms, it ties the house to the yard in a way that few other elements can accomplish.

Once we establish location and access points, we then set about to determine the shape and size of your pool. Pools can be built in any geometric shape. There are round pools, rectangular pools, L-shaped pools, and even square pools. There are infinite variations and combinations of these shapes as well.

What you actually need will be determined by what best compliments your house. Other landscape elements will continue the motifs we establish in your swimming pool plan. The end result is a property that expresses the best attributes of your home in the form of an outdoor living experience.

Once the actual shape of the pool is determined, it is a simple matter to use design software to determine the right size of the pool. Special features can also be added at this time, such as pool lighting, waterfalls, spas, and water jets.

Keep in mind that a swimming pool plan usually leaves room for a functional, attractive swimming pool patio. The patio is designed to support the specific function of the pool itself. People who want pools for exercise need a patio space that gives them easy, safe access to the water. People that want to throw parties by the pool and spend more time looking at the water rather than getting in it need a larger, more sophisticated surface area.

Once the swimming pool plan is fully developed within the context of the overall Houston landscaping plan, Exterior Worlds brings in a swimming pool construction company. Acting as the general contractor for the project, we let the construction experts handle the actual building.

Our role is to ensure that what they build is completely true to intended form. We also manage the invoice to save you the trouble of having to pay multiple bills to multiple specialists. Homeowners need only to negotiate with us and rest assured that the end result will meet or even exceed their expectations.