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Natural Swimming Pool

Get Away from the Big City in Your Own Back Yard in a Natural Swimming Pool

Many Houstonians drive as far away from the city as they can to visit a state park or natural wonder in a faraway place.
Many of you that do this certainly have the money to do so, but you do not always have the time to take off work for a trip. When times get so busy that only one day out of the weekend is available for your escape, Exterior Worlds can help you with a natural swimming pool that will bring all the things you find in the forests and the mountains straight to your back yard.

Some of them most famous state parks in Texas are located in the Central and Eastern parts of the state.
These parks are famous for their forests and lakes. Camping in these areas gives you a feeling of escape. You can disappear into the rich vegetation and hide from the world and its problems.

You can also have the same experience in your own back yard. A natural swimming pool by Exterior Worlds will be surrounded by trees of varying species and different sizes. It will also have grasses, hedges, flowering plants, and moss covered rocks that isolate the pond in a miniature forest that feels just as far removed from the city around you as any national park.

Those of you who love to camp also love to cook outside under the stars.
This is something you can do in your own back yard too. Natural swimming pools can be built with special areas where you can pitch a tent just like you would in the woods. Here, you can barbecue on your favorite portable grill without having to drive 300 miles to have the experience.

If you do want a bit more luxury, we can also build you a summer outdoor kitchen right next to your pond. This will combine the essence of luxury with proximity to the pristine beauty of a natural scene.

Most people who camp near lakes enjoy swimming in these lakes.
There is nothing more exciting than coming into immediate contact with what appears to be a pure source of all natural water. In many mountain lakes the water is pure, but in many other places, beautiful bodies of water are not the safest places to swim. All sorts of bacteria and amoeba live in these waters and can cause serious infections in human beings.


A natural swimming pool is a swimming pool with treated and filtered water disguised to look like an all-natural water source. The chlorine kills pathogens like it does in any other swimming pool. Hidden drains and silent pumps operate the waterfall. The bottom of the pool is gunite and concrete disguised as a natural lake bed, but much safer to stand on because it is free of sticks, sharp rocks, fresh water mollusk, and broken glass that often lurk beneath the shallow waters of wilderness lakes.

Many of you go as far as Colorado, Montana, and Tahoe to find lakes that are surrounded by majestic mountains.
Particularly to those of you who have come from the West and the North, the Houston landscape appears way too flat and, for lack of a better term, boring in its tabletop appearance. We can change this for you by adding hill landscaping designs and retaining walls that make your natural swimming pool look like it is nestled between small foothills in a mountain valley. Of course, the size of these hills has a limit based on the size of your house and yard. However, it is our experience that even a slight alteration in land grade is enough to make a Houston back yard feel like a small meadow in Michigan, Vermont, Northern California, or Wisconsin.

Professional landscape designers build retaining walls and hills to create the optical illusion that they are bigger than they are. Boulders and rocks are hand laid in a way that draws your eye to the waterfall that pours into your natural swimming pool. Clearings around the water’s edge give you plenty of room for stone benches, lawn furniture, or seat rocks. Different regions of the country can be very closely approximated with vegetation that we transplant from these areas.

With such a design, a natural swimming pool offers you a connection to the home you may still long for at times and simultaneously takes you away from the grind of daily life here which is necessary for money and social networking, but not nearly as good for the soul as a dip in a natural pond under a rushing waterfall.