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Since 1987, Exterior Worlds has specialized in high-end landscape design, development, implementation and landscape maintenance. By working hard to improve our clients’ quality of life, we have become recognized as one of Houston’s finest and most creative landscape firms. Our firm focuses on a variety of design elements and construction techniques, all of which are geared to enhance the beauty of the property while inspiring thought, creativity and enjoyment. Our unique and memorable landscapes can be seen in Memorial Villages, River Oaks, Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hunter Creek Village, Hedwig Village, West University, Tanglewood and Bellaire.

In the initial consultation, the Exterior Worlds’ staff works diligently to help clients define the scope of work, phasing, overall project coordination and budget. The next phase may include conceptual design, design development and final cost proposals. In this phase and during the installation, Exterior Worlds serves as general contractor and may subcontract related installation work such as drainage systems, outdoor water fountains and luxury swimming pools, outdoor kitchens or landscape lighting. Finally, Exterior World’s landscape services provide ongoing maintenance and yard care. Refer to our archive of articles for more details on landscape maintenance services, plantings, tree preservation and related landscape topics.

As professionals in our field, we believe good relationships with our clients are as important as the services we deliver. Integrity, in our client relations and in our corporate services, is one of the cornerstones of our firm.

Robert Irwin, the landscape architect of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, said: “…maybe the world is an art form [and] the gardening of our universe” reveals our participation in that work of art.

For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston’s fine neighborhoods.

Illuminate Your Pool with Fiber Optic Star Lights

The investment placed in swimming pool renovation carries a much higher potential for financial return if the renovation involves a new swimming pool lighting system. One of the most popular new forms of pool lighting that has recently emerged on the scene is fiber optic star lights. These small fiber optic filaments are installed directly into the bottom and the sides of a pool. The ends of these filaments are

Center Your Landscape on a Fiber Optic Fountain

A fiber optic fountain can be one of the most powerful elements that you can add to your Houston landscaping plan. Along with other illuminated water features such as swimming pools, natural gardens, wildlife ponds, and streams, it will generate a special aura derived from two of mankind’s most powerful and most ancient symbols. Water is a unique symbol associated with both physical and spiritual life. It communicates both

Houston Landscaping With Outdoor Fiber Optic Lighting

Clients of Exterior Worlds who seek to illuminate their Houston landscaping elements with the very best possible effects should consider investing in an outdoor fiber optic lighting system. This type of lighting admittedly is the most expensive form of landscape feature lighting one can buy. Once installed, however, it is far less expensive to operate and maintain. Optical cable requires far less power to produce light. It also transmits light

Fiber Optic Swimming Pool

A fiber optic swimming pool is illuminated by optical cables that transmit light generated from a remote source. These cables are built into the coping, walls, and bottom of the pool to create spectacular perimeter and underwater lighting effects. Because the source of light is remote from the pool itself, optical cable is the only form of illumination that can operate underwater without heat or the immediate presence of an

Swimming Pool Fiber Optic Lighting

Swimming pool fiber optic lighting is the most versatile and sophisticated form of pool lighting. It is capable of generating any color imaginable from a single, originating source of light. It is also capable of producing more special effects than any other type of underwater lighting. Because the cables transmit only light, there is no heat and no electrical current transferred to the water. This also makes optical cable the

Fiber Optic Waterfall

A fiber optic waterfall is one of the more unique water features you can have as part of your Houston landscaping plan. By combining an archetypal landscape element with the most sophisticated form of lighting technology to date, you can enhance your property with a lasting curb appeal that will dazzle your neighbors and attract guests to your outdoor events. Each waterfall is custom built by Exterior Worlds to lend

Fiber Optic Star Lighting

Fiber optic star lighting is one of the most popular special effects that can be created with a fiber optic lighting system. The ends of cables are installed flush with surface areas at the time of construction. A control unit powers a halogen lamp and a flywheel which sends alternating colors through the cables. The control unit can also be programmed to block and unblock light at rapid intervals that

A Fiber Optic Lighting System Brings Long-Term Return on Investm

An entire fiber optic lighting system can be run off of a single light source. The lamp generates luminance which is passed through cables to different landscape elements. Because only light is transmitted through the cables, they are neither hot to the touch nor electrically charged. This makes them safe to install in bodies of water, such as swimming pools and waterfalls, as well as in gardens, trees, and shrubs.

Fiber Optic Floor

A fiber optic floor employs one of the most sophisticated forms of indoor decorative lighting ever developed. Optical cable made from glass or plastic is internally coated with a reflective, acrylic substance. This allows light to maintain its intensity even when it passes through a cable that has been curved. These cables can be embedded in a floor, a patio, or a deck to create a wide range of lighting

Increase Curb Appeal with Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber optic pool lighting is considered by many people to be the most sophisticated form of pool lighting currently available. While it is also the most expensive, it is definitely worth the money for those who seek a Houston landscaping plan with maximum curb appeal. Once installed, they seldom require replacement or repair because they simply transmit light from a remote source. They do not produce light like other type