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The Best Reasons to Install Garden Sprinkler Systems

There are many reasons to install a garden sprinkler system. They are a convenience of modern living that turns out to be quite practical.

Let’s start with the big picture. You know intuitively that well-manicured landscape garden designs enhance the value of a property. Studies have shown this assumption to be true, especially when you put your home on the market. At Exterior Worlds, we have found that a garden sprinkler system is an expected amenity of a high end landscape design along with many other luxury features such as custom swimming pools, well-designed patios and landscape lighting schemes. So, a sprinkler system is an investment in the long-term value of your overall property.

Another advantage of one of our garden sprinkler systems is healthier plants. Because the plants get the proper amount of water, regardless of weather conditions, they flourish and become the vivid and attractive landscape you wanted in the first place. In turn, healthy plants positively affect your lawn and garden services because you experience less plant loss and re-plantings.

Another benefit of these systems is the impact on your monthly water bill. Our sprinkler systems use the latest xeriscaping technology, including various sprinkler heads, timers and moisture sensors, to minimize water usage. In particular, garden beds are a perfect place for drip irrigation systems, which let water seep onto the ground and into the root systems.

In thinking about installing a residential sprinkler system, the key word is “quality.” A quality sprinkler system installation from Exterior Worlds entails many crucial factors. One item on that list is proper head spacing, part of our pre-installation planning that ensures proper coverage. The goal of your sprinkler system is even coverage and the way we deliver it to you is through specific calculating and measuring of head locations. With good coverage and plenty of valves you get great control, which is the foundation of a quality sprinkler system installation.


Another aspect of our quality installations is the zoning we do for different materials and sun conditions. Zoning addresses the divergent watering needs of your varying plant materials and the different micro-climate conditions in your landscape, such as orientation to the sun and the amount of shade caused by trees and structures.

We believe quality underscores everything we do. In business since 1987, Exterior Worlds is an expert in how the climate conditions of Houston and the Gulf Coast region affect your landscape. We’ve seen the range of weather Mother Nature can throw at us, we understand the soil conditions and we know what plants flourish. Our company uses only best practices—from the design process to tree preservation to mulching. Experts at the licensing and permitting required by the various governmental bodies in this area, we have saved our customers money, time and frustrations. We are happy to supply references upon request.

Once your garden sprinkler system is installed, you’ll understand the best reason of all to have one: you get to enjoy your gardens with the minimum of fuss and bother. Come rain, come shine.