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Tiny Drops Add Up with Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems have come a long way since the old soaker hoses. The drip irrigation systems of today provide control, efficiency, convenience and money-savings for the ongoing care of your garden landscape design.

Drip technology is an ideal method of watering plants as part of a landscape design for difficult spaces. Exterior Worlds recommends them for rose gardens, vegetable gardens, strip beds that are close to your house, between sidewalks or along a driveway, containers such as decorative pots and urns, hanging baskets, custom iron wall planters, and plants in raised beds. It also helps reduce the hydro-pressure behind retaining walls. For Houston rose maintenance, drip systems let you water roots instead of flower material.

The elements of today’s drip systems, also called low-volume systems, entail the use of high-grade hose materials especially engineered to withstand the sun’s damaging UV rays, which differs from the porous, often recycled, rubber of the old soaker hoses.


High-end drip systems also make use of drip emitters (also called drippers, inline drippers and micro spray heads) that let out water slowly onto the plants and ground in a gentle, soaking method that is most beneficial to the plants and dramatically reduces loss of water due to evaporation. Spacing of these emitters varies, but usually runs at 12-, 18- or 24-inches intervals.

Advantages of our drip systems include:

  • Water savings. Estimates run as high as 60 percent. Typically you use a drip system in areas that are noted for being hard to water and are ill-suited for sprinklers. This fact makes drip irrigation systems a vital part of your “green” green garden strategy.
  • No overspray. Water does leave its mark, especially hard water like we have in Houston. Because there is no overspray with drip systems, there is little to no damage to nor marring of structures, windows or fencing.
  • Waters only what you want. This targeted watering method, a wonderful example of xeriscaping, significantly reduces your weed population and eliminates the wasted water that falls on concrete sideways, driveways and paved paths.
  • Little to no runoff. This benefit is two-fold, helping with any erosion you might have and making it safer for your family and guests to walk in high traffic areas.

In thinking about adding drip technology to your overall lawn sprinkler system, you will want to consider ongoing maintenance. Since drip technology features mechanical and computer aspects, they will break down from time to time. Having experts like Exterior Worlds to systematically check them out will only enhance the overall performance.

And while you’re at it, you might also think about an automatic sprinkler system since such a system will also save water, effort and money for your entire yard. And that is so important since some estimates show that watering lawns and landscapes accounts for as much as 50 percent of an average homeowner’s total water usage.

Drip irrigation systems keep your landscaping beautiful and healthful. They make life easier, in all kinds of weather and whether you have a small garden design or are managing a commercial landscape design.