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Quality Sprinkler System Installation

Safeguarding your landscaping investment is a long-term responsibility and begins with a quality sprinkler system installation as offered by Exterior Worlds.

Our high-grade sprinkler systems feature several different head types:

  • Rotors are designed for large areas such as an expanse of grass.
  • Pop-up spray heads are best for smaller or irregular spaces.
  • Bubblers work well for trees, planter, urns and containers.
  • Drip irrigation systems are great, in general, for water conservation and are suitable for garden beds, pots and planters.

Proper head spacing is crucial for proper coverage. This aspect of the installation process is where the quality of our systems is revealed. Specific calculating and measuring of head locations is an important step in even coverage, the goal of any sprinkler system. Good coverage with plenty of valves equals great control, which is the cornerstone of our quality sprinkler system installation.


We also address zoning for different materials and sun conditions, a practice that addresses the dissimilar needs of your yard landscape design due to varying plant materials and micro-climate conditions, such as orientation to the sun and shade caused by trees and structures.

Tree preservation is another feature of a high-quality sprinkler system installation from Exterior Worlds. There are several ways we minimize tree loss. One way is to hand-dig around trees to reduce damage to their root systems. Tunneling under tree roots with the use of an air-spade also exposes tree roots without cutting them. Another method is to use a hydro-vac to dig deep trenches, expose roots and minimize damage.

A temporary irrigation system may be called for during the construction of a new home. A well-thought-out tree preservation plan could include such a system to water the trees during construction, which sometimes can last several years.

We also have expertise in the knowledge of local codes and ordinances. Some cities and governing bodies require irrigation plan permits. Still others require that the plans be filed at its inspector’s office. We avoid running afoul of officials, something that can significantly increase the cost of your lawn sprinkler system in the form of fines and delays.

Finally, it is essential to call for utility line locations. If that isn’t done, it can be expensive to repair city utilities, fiber optic and gas lines. We always take this important step.

Perhaps you own commercial properties or manage them. If so, everything said here about a residential sprinkler system installation applies to commercial irrigation systems, too.

There is one last consideration when thinking about installing a sprinkler system. Exterior Worlds offers landscape phasing. That is, developing a master plan for your landscape that is done in stages over a long period of time, thus spreading out your financial outlay. An example of its judicious use is with estates landscaping, staging the implementation of landscape elements for large properties of an acre or more. Or perhaps you want to put in your irrigation system first, followed by the construction of a swimming pool. We can install the main irrigation line prior to calling in the swimming pool builder to construct your pool.