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Residential Sprinkler Systems that Work for You

A residential sprinkler system is one of the smartest ways to protect your landscaping investment. These time-saving systems immensely ease the burden of lawn care. They improve the health of all your plantings because of the consistency of the watering. And they help you manage your water usage, something you’ll appreciate each month when you receive your water bill.

Residential sprinkler systems, like so much of modern life, have gone technical. High-quality systems from Exterior Worlds use a controller which acts as the brains of the system. Here you’ll find such automatic sprinkler system features as rain sensors and water delay options that prevent over-watering during rainy times. They also can be outfitted with a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), a safeguard that prevents contaminates from being suctioned back into the city’s drinking water when water pressure drops.

One of our typical quality sprinkler system installations would use different heads for the different areas of your landscape. For instance, rotor heads are the type of sprinklers that operate by rotating streams of water back and forth over the landscape. They are designed to work well in large areas such as expanses of turf-covered lawns. Pop-up spray heads, recognizable by the fan-shaped pattern of water they produce, were designed for smaller or irregular spaces such as landscape beds.


Drip irrigation systems are usually part of a garden sprinkler system and work by means of high-grade hose materials and drip emitters (also called inline drippers and micro spray heads) that water plants in a gentle, soaking method that is very beneficial to plant life and significantly reduces loss of water due to evaporation. They are perfect for narrow and raised beds, hanging baskets and around retaining walls.

It is highly recommended that you work with professional irrigation contractors such as Exterior Worlds who are knowledgeable about your particular water source and pressure, planting materials, soil type and climate conditions. We take all these factors into consideration and design a system specifically for you and your landscape needs.

As part of a maintenance contract with Exterior Worlds, we can regularly check your residential sprinkler system. This way, we can periodically inspect your sprinklers to make sure everything functions properly and discover problems quickly. A clogged head or a torn line can unnecessarily damage your landscape and misuse costly water.

One of our sprinkler checklists would include:

  • Monthly adjustments to the timer settings.
  • Monthly checking of and adjustments to sprinkler sprays.
  • Cleaning the mainline filter (if any).
  • Manually operating each valve, about four times a year.
  • Checking wires and wire-nuts for any damage, on a regular basis.
  • Unclogging sprinkler heads, as-needed.
  • Adjusting the levels of the heads to ground level (to account for ground settling), as-needed.

The end results are worth it. Residential sprinkler systems have a positive impact on your landscape and lawn and garden services because of the regular and proper delivery of water. Plus you’ll get the lush and lively landscape you envisioned when you started your landscape project.