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Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Water on Remote Control

Water is essential to your landscape master plan. But if left to natural occurrences, you end up with too much or too little of it. Rarely, is it just right. Automatic sprinkler systems are the solution.

An automatic sprinkler system actually conserves water. No more worrying about watering the sidewalk, the curb and the street. No more wasted water when you forget to turn it off. These systems are an element of xeriscaping that actually save you water, effort and money.

A professionally designed lawn sprinkler system by Exterior Worlds is healthier for your Houston landscape because it delivers the right amount of water to each specific zone, thus helping to ensure a lush and vital landscape because your lawn, trees and other plant material receive timely water in even amounts. When we have dry weather, as happened in Houston in the spring and summer of 2009, your yard can become under-hydrated after only a few days without water. And what about when it does rain? You can have an automatic rain shutoff device or moisture sensor installed that takes care of shutting down the system without any effort on your part.


One of our typical systems is comprised of a controller (the brains of the system), sprinklers (the various heads that deliver water to the different areas) and valves (the devices that open and close to control the flow of water). Drip irrigation systems and bubblers are other important features that deliver water perfectly to trees, rose gardens, pots and planters.

When considering installing an automatic sprinkler system, it is best to hire lawn care professionals who specialize in irrigation systems. At Exterior Worlds, we are knowledgeable about water pressure, soil type (especially important here in Houston because of our temperamental clay soil), watering requirements of different plants, and climate conditions. We are also proficient in local codes and ordinances, thus preventing costly mistakes and over-runs during installation.

In addition, we can design and install the most energy-efficient and cost-efficient system possible for your specific needs, paying close attention to such factors as sprinkler patterns (ensuring finer points like overlapping patterns that provide sufficient water along the outer edges, places that often get skimpy water coverage).

A quality sprinkler system installation usually includes a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) that prevents the irrigation system from allowing contaminates to be suctioned back into the city’s drinking water when water pressure drops.

A high-quality installation also involves getting the job done quickly so as to minimize any negative effects on your existing residential landscaping. We are careful to set the grass aside, but replace it as soon as possible after installation. (While the grass may yellow, it usually re-establishes itself quickly.) We hand-dig trenches so as not to disturb lines and wiring, including landscape lighting wiring.

In the end, an automatic sprinkler system is one of the best ways to protect your landscaping investment. The health and life cycles of your plants are extended. You save money from efficient water usage. The appearance of your overall property is enhanced. And you do it all with the flick of a switch. How sweet is that?