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Putting Your Lawn Sprinkler System to Work

While technology can be viewed as a mixed success in many areas of modern living, it has wrought an unqualified success with lawn sprinkler systems in yard landscape designs. These systems have taken over the drudgery of watering a lawn: no more watching the clock and dragging hoses around and forgetting to turn off the water.

The lawn sprinkler systems offered by Exterior Worlds bring water-, money-, time-, and energy-savings. Because they save water with their efficiency and automatic features, you save money on your water bill. Plus, they free up your time and energy, two of your most precious resources, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

The inner workings of our residential sprinkler systems start with the brains of the system called the controller. It manages the smaller parts of the system, such as the sprinkler heads and the valves that control the flow of water. Your automatic sprinkler system can be outfitted with moisture sensor devices that will detect rainy days and will shut itself off so that you can take advantage of the “free” water delivered by Mother Nature.


As part of a xeriscaping technique (the landscaping philosophy that develops a planting scheme with minimal water usage), we can install a drip irrigation system around trees, in garden beds and along oddly-shaped plots. This low volume watering system is the upgraded version of the old soaker hoses. It emits water directly onto the ground, thus soaking the root systems and significantly reducing water loss.

At Exterior Worlds, we are proud of our quality sprinkler system installations. We are meticulous about tending to your existing landscaping; for instance, when putting down the pipe, we carefully lay the grass aside and then put it back in place so it can re-establish itself quickly. We are also experts at tree preservation and employ several techniques to avoid damaging these treasures on your property.

Additionally, our expertise extends to being accomplished at maneuvering through the various approval processes that your city, homeowners association or other governmental authority may have in place. The failure to fully comply with all the rules and regulations can result in expensive delays, fines and frustrations, something we have unfortunately seen with competitors.

If you are worried about the impact on your pocketbook of installing such a system, consider landscape phasing. This long-term outlook on implementing a landscape plan works in stages over several seasons or years. For instance, one year you may put in the lawn sprinkler system and the next year you may do the swimming pool construction, followed by building an outdoor room. We have found it to be especially effective for large properties and estates landscaping.

In the end, it will all be worth it. Your Houston lawn will greatly benefit from a high grade lawn sprinkler system. You get a great looking yard at considerably less effort.
No doubt after a few months of use, especially when those months occur in summer, you will consider it a great way to protect your landscaping investment.