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Residential Landscaping Creates Joy and Comfort

Residential landscaping creates a world of relaxed enjoyment in the natural world around your home.
Author Jeff HalperIt is far more than open space, a nice yard, and pretty flowers and trees. Professional Houston landscape design is a careful blend of hardscape with softscape that results in areas of interest dedicated to the specifics of your personal lifestyle. Advanced landscape architecture can even create a comfort zone outdoors that rivals interior living space.

In contrast to basic lawn service, professional softscape services consist of garden design, hedges, and varying tree heights.
One thing people need to realize about trees growth is that it works best when trees grow at varying heights. Very small trees are often used to center certain types of gardens. In contemporary landscaping, they are very often grown in planters built in the center of patios.

Medium sized trees are used in residential landscaping to build organic walls. This is particularly useful for Houston homeowners whose properties border another yard with no fence boundary along the property line. A wall of trees like this, especially when highlighted with uplights, can be the perfect backdrop to your garden party, summer wedding reception, or family reunion. The wall is solid enough to create a real enclosure, but it is a living structure that adds a vibrant presence to the moment.

Professional residential landscaping services can also develop any theme in which to you wish to host your outdoor events.
Your yard can look as much like nature as you wish it to look. Designs in natural stone landscaping, swimming pools that look like natural ponds, and artificial streams with waterfall designs can make your back yard look like a private wilderness where you can get away from the big city by simply walking outside.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have contemporary residential landscaping that creates an abstract world of the mind around the home. Although largely devoid of vegetation, such a setting is often preferred by homeowners with a flair for the eclectic. Some homeowners even use their yards to showcase contemporary outdoor sculpture, creating the equivalent of an outdoor museum in their front or back yard.

One thing to remember about residential landscaping is that it is always a blend of softscape and hardscape elements.
Even the most natural landscape needs patios, walkways, and seating areas of some kind. The more we move toward the contemporary, the greater the need becomes for sophisticated manmade elements to define the property’s aesthetic.

Few people realize that a residential landscape is typically up to 80 percent hardscape in nature. This is due to the very practical need for human safety and comfort. Without structured living space, people cannot move easily through the environment, nor can they relax. Basic elements such as walkways, patios, courtyards, arbors, and garden pergolas turn the outdoors into a living environment.

Other elements such as retaining walls, stone walls, and masonry add vertical impact to your yard.
This often adds a dramatic sense of interest to the otherwise all too flat Houston landscape. Such elements do not have to be overdone, either. A few well positioned forms is often all it takes to give the entire yard an entirely new look, much like adding a few key pieces of furniture to a room will make the room look twice as large as before.

When you work with a professional residential landscaping expert from Exterior Worlds, you can also go beyond the basics of hardscape structures into the world of landscape architecture.

With a focus on your personal lifestyle and a mind to complimenting the look and feel of your home, we can build you outdoor dining rooms, summer outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fireplaces that will create living areas outside that rival interior space.

Outdoor buildings can even be built with lighting and climate controls so you can have a view of the trees, the moon, and the stars with the feeling of a living room of greenery and stonework all around you.