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Residential Pool Design

One of the mainstay services of Exterior Worlds is residential pool design. This service entails the meticulous design of a custom swimming pool that compliments the features of the property and speaks to the lifestyle of the homeowner. Experts in pool construction are subcontracted under our invoice to ensure that the highest quality of craftsmanship is fully integrated into the entirety of the Houston landscaping master plan.

One of the most important distinguishing characteristics of our swimming pools is the emphasis we place on creating a structure that is appropriate to the property in every respect. The pool must work as a supportive element to the surrounding Houston landscaping elements if it is going to ultimately be a success. The most important of these elements is the home itself. It is the most prominent feature on the landscape, and in every sense of the term, the central focal point of the Houston landscaping plan.

Residential pool design should feature a geometry that compliments the architecture of the home. It should also be sized appropriately to the home so that it neither dwarfs the appearance of the house, nor seems too small in relation to it. Other Houston landscaping elements must also be considered in order to keep the pool in proportional relationship to the rest of the yard. Gardens, trees, pathways, and courtyards should all appear in scale when viewed from the pool, and the pool should appear in scale when viewed from these zones of interest as well.


Residential pool designs also result in a zone of special interest that is far more than a place for people to swim. Swimming pools are typically built with patios that can be used to host any number of events that may have nothing at all to do with swimming. Some are built with wet bars that can accommodate guests at poolside without having to travel into the house for drinks. Others connect to outdoor kitchens or gardens with pavilions where large parties can move back and forth between a choice of fine amenities.

We also make it a point to create a swimming pool that is feature rich. There are a number of both functional and decorative elements that can be integrated into residential pool design. Spas can be built that provide both recreation and therapy to people who enjoy sitting in warm, circulated water. Waterfalls, water jets, and fountains can also be built into swimming pools. These features add vertical element to the pool that makes it stand out in a powerful way. They can also be built in a way that provides children and adults with a safe, and very fun, way to play in the water.

Pool lighting is always treated as a top priority in any construction project. Light is visible for safety so people who do swim at night can accurately judge the depth of the water. It is also essential to bringing out the rich motifs of residential pool design so they can be clearly seen by guests who visit the home at night. Superb lighting effects with fiber optics and LEDs are now possible that can make any Houston swimming pool look like it belongs next to a five star hotel in a tropical paradise.