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Residential Landscape Maintenance

A residential landscape maintenance contract with Exterior Worlds will ensure that regardless of time of year or type of vegetation, a yard will always look green and colorful and remain free of the many deteriorating forces that can destroy plant life and damage the aesthetic of the property. Maintenance contracts lock labor rates into an affordable, predictable budget and ensure timely and consistent services on a regular basis.

Flower beds make a yard look like springtime regardless of the time of year.
Seasonal color maintenance is the rotation of different flowering species so that no matter what time of year it is, the flower bed is always vibrant and blooming with life. This can be done easily by trained experts who know what types of plants will flower at specific times of the year, and what types of plants will grow best in cloudy conditions or shade, versus those that flourish best in brighter times of the year and more sunny spots in the yard

Lawns are greener and neater when cared for under a residential landscape maintenance contract.
Mowing and edging the grass are the two fundamental basics of any lawn care program. During the warmer months this should be done on a weekly basis, then bi-weekly starting in October and continuing through February. During the course of our visits we also check for a number of diseases that can plague grasses and apply appropriate treatments in the process.

Professional aeration of soil is an extremely important aspect of residential landscape maintenance.
Houston soil resembles clay in its thickness and constituency. Over time, it becomes compacted and creates a barrier to robust and hardy root growth. Aeration removes cores of soil from the lawn that are approximately one-half inch to three-quarter inches in diameter. This makes the soil softer, and gives roots access to the water and air they need to sustain themselves.


Irrigation and drainage should always be maintained under a residential landscape maintenance contract.
Irrigation and drainage systems are usually customized to some extent or the other to the specifics of the surrounding landscape and vegetation. There may be complex designs or equipment at the unseen level that require professional expertise to properly clean and repair.

A residential landscape maintenance program guarantees correct and frequent fertilization of your plants.
Grasses, gardens, and flowers require periodic fertilization to remain healthy and vibrant. Lawns, ground cover species, vines, and shrubs need to be fertilized once every three months. Certain species of flowers, such as gardenias an azaleas, need fertilizing in April and May. Roses must be fertilized every four weeks beginning in the spring and continuing throughout the growing season.

Pest and disease control are best managed under a residential landscape maintenance contract.
It is equally important to protect all vegetation from the inroads of insects, fungi, and plant disease. Every type of plant, grass, shrub, tree, and vine has its own unique vulnerabilities that have to be addressed on an individual level. What works for the roses is not going to work for the shrubs and grass surrounding them. It takes an advanced knowledge of botany and the many different threats that plants face to systematically treat each species effectively and to avoid putting the wrong chemicals on the wrong plants at the wrong time.

One of the biggest threats to Houston lawns is a fungal disease called “brown patch.” To counteract it, routine fungicide treatment is necessary. Roses have to be treated for black spot disease, and almost everything in a yard needs a periodic spraying of the right kind of insecticide. We emphasize here the term “right kind,” and we also would add to that, the right amount. Store-bought insecticides are not always the best choices, and they do not always give you the clearest of instructions. One mistake can harm your pets, any resident wildlife, or possibly even yourself or someone in your family. Pesticides are nothing to make mistakes with. It is best to let a landscaper handle them for you. Furthermore, the commercial grade chemicals and special formulas we mix are much safer for a yard and much more effective in the treatment of plant life.

Tree services and preservation are also part of our residential landscape maintenance packages.
We would think that trees would take care of themselves because they do such a good job of it in Nature. This is an exaggerated perspective. In a forest we do not notice the many trees that are diseased and injured and outright dying the way we will immediately notice such a condition in our own yard.

Under a residential landscape maintenance plan, trees can be trimmed and root systems aerated to ensure vitality and health year round. Also, special tree preservation strategies will always be implemented in the event of a landscape remodel or addition of new outdoor structures.