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Exterior World’s team of expert residential landscapers begins every project with an in-depth consultation with the client. Our approach to landscape development is founded upon the ideals of expression and reflection. Our goal is to create landscaping elements that express the thoughts, feelings, sensibilities and values of our clients in such a manner as to allow them to see their own consciousness, if you will, virtually reflected in the landscape as a unified essence of architecture, living systems, and artistic design.

In order to accomplish such a lofty objective, our residential landscapers puts a great deal of energy into planning and design, developing a master landscaping plan for landscape designers and subcontracted experts to follow.

In most cases, our starting point begins with a comprehensive development of the landscape’s many organic elements. Residential landscapers will normally install a garden whose style is reflective of home architecture and indicative of homeowner taste. For example, a French-style home is usually complimented by either a traditional parterre garden or a derivative form of the French garden design.

More linear architecture may be better supported by an Italian garden, while a deliberately opulent or classical-style home may be better supported by Mediterranean themes reflective of old Roman and Greek elements. Regardless, our intent in all garden design is to create something of a living mirror to the structure, size, and geometry of the home. This serves to unify the manmade with the natural and add a sense of vitality and life to the façade of the house itself.


Gardens are not the only organic elements that our residential landscapers pay great attention to. Trees are vitally essential elements to the success of any landscaping project we implement. Trees rank among the most majestic of life forms on the planet and come in so many different varieties and sizes that they can be used in a variety of aesthetic and functional applications in landscape architecture. Take, for instance, the obvious need for shade in a yard that is relatively empty.

Exterior Worlds offers a tree planting service that can literally install full-grown oaks in the middle of a yard, creating a shaded area where nothing but scorching sun and dried grass had previously existed. These large trees are trucked in and installed very carefully so as to ensure they take root immediately and begin a long, healthy life from the moment they are planted.

Residential landscapers also plant trees along the borders of yards that lack a clear sense of separation from surrounding properties. Sometimes there is simply too much visibility between one home and another, and the homeowner wants a greater sense of privacy and enclosure around their outdoor living space.

A tree line consisting of smaller species such as Japanese Yews can be planted to create a living wall of greenery in the daytime and illuminated foliage at night. Such a scene provides an impeccable backdrop to gatherings, events, or even personal moments in the back yard regardless of the time of day or night.

Residential landscapers also pay attention to less noticeable, but nonetheless important, organic elements. The quality and vitality of the lawn must be maintained in such a manner as to support the more prominent forms of vegetation such as trees and gardens. When necessary, our maintenance team will plant special species of grasses and flowering plants in shaded areas where only certain species can thrive, and in other areas where other species can more hardily exist in hot, sunny conditions regardless of climate or current rainfall levels.

Hardscapes and outdoor structures are then integrated into the living fabric of the property to shape Nature into human-friendly outdoor living space. This is done very carefully and deliberately by our residential landscapers in order to preserve respect for Nature and the obvious need to use organics to differentiate between life outdoors and life outside. The exceptions to this rule are modern landscape design and contemporary landscape design, where the abstract and the intellectual intentionally dominate natural forms to emphasize human consciousness over natural forces. Still, even in these inorganic styles, there is still a very important role for vegetation to play and an unspoken respect for Nature given through an emphasis on spatial relationships and geometric forms.

Hardscapes in the form of custom patios and decorative walls can be blended into the scenery in such as way as to provide forum for specific events and activities. Patios are very important to elements such as custom swimming pools and outdoor fireplaces because they provide a comfortable gathering surface whose design elements also work on an aesthetic level to better blend structure with landscape.

When residential landscapers take the time to construct such hardscapes with careful planning and superior materials, more sophisticated outdoor structures like outdoor rooms and outdoor kitchens take on the appearance of being more a part of the landscape than something merely built upon it.

Outdoor lighting is then installed in layers by an impeccably knowledgeable and experience Partner Company who works very closely with our team of residential landscapers to illuminate the many organic and inorganic forms that our designers have created. With a blend of general lighting for safety and visibility, combined with accent and decorative lighting that contribute ambience, mood, and special effect to terrestrial, aquatic, and structural forms, the project reaches a pinnacle of completion whose aesthetic establishes the residence as a preeminent example of lifestyle and impeccable taste to friends, family, and neighbors alike.