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Learn about Natural Stone Landscaping.

Natural stone landscaping can be used to ornament both organic and inorganic elements of your yard.
Forms that are accented by stones look as if they were lifted from a forest or mountain scene. Landscape elements made out of stone offers many opportunities for functional hardscape design, enclosure, and earthwork control.

Any pond on your property looks immediately more appealing when accented by natural stone landscaping.
Water and rocks go hand-in-hand in nature. As such, any natural pond on your property must be ornamented by stones in order to strike an authentic chord in the eye of the viewer.

Our method of doing this is very different than most other lawn and garden companies. Whereas, most of these organizations simply ship in rocks and pile them on the sides of the pond, we actually take the time to draft a very detailed schematic of the pond in relation to your master landscape plan.


The area covered by stones represents a specific geometric configuration. To compliment your home and landscape architecture, this pattern must have well planned symmetry. It appeals to your senses because it looks deceptively random and conveys a sense of wildness.

We strike this delicate balance by carefully mixing stones of different sizes and laying them by hand around the water’s edge.

Another decorative benefit of natural stone landscaping is the structure it adds to certain softscape elements.
A shade garden under a large tree is far less noticeable if it is only surrounded by grass. By laying stones around its perimeter, we give it definition, boundary, and an eye-catching presence that immediately jumps out at the viewer.

Custom gardens also use rocks as an integral part of their composition. In these gardens, rocks and plants are often intermingled to create a blend of flowering color, varying shades of green, white, gray, or black from outcroppings of deliberately yet carefully placed stones.

In a yard that shows a strong preference for the organic and the traditional, natural stone landscaping must also be used in hardscape design to keep manmade elements in harmony with natural ones.
Patios made from natural stones blend better in an environment heavily predominated by flowers, hedges, and special grasses. Cut stones of any size and dimensions can be laid down to create a durable outdoor floor surface that is easy to clean, weather resistant, and innately harmonious with surrounding vegetation.

Walkways created out of stone also speak to the mind of a more rural setting and make for very relaxing strolls through your gardens at night. Lighted pathways made of stone can also be used to blend the architecture of a very Old World home that sits on a large lot. Stone extends the patterns of architecture into the landscape without destroying its organic matrix.

In order to do all of this, we have to use different types of rocks in natural stone landscaping to create a balance between decoration and practicality.
Stones used in walkways and patios can have irregular sides, but the tops of these stones have to be even and smooth to provide a safe, flat surface for safe human usage. This can be done using a variety of proprietary construction methods we employee to create custom hardscapes that compliment the yard with a look that is always practical to its utmost, but that never departs from the aesthetics of nature itself.