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How Stone Landscaping Walls can Make Your Yard more Interesting than Public Entertainment Spot

Exterior Worlds can build all sorts of stone landscaping walls on your property that will create amazing new environments for special moments and activities.
The near infinite diversity of stone sizes and types in the world allow for total creative freedom. You can create any outdoor living environment you want, in any landscaping style, and you can make your home more attractive than any public gathering place at large.

New dimensions will be added to your Houston landscape that will create zones of special activity and amazing interest to family and friends.


One thing that might interest those of you with children is the creation of a special camping area for your children. Stone landscaping walls made from natural rock can be built at varying height to partially enclose a portion of the yard under the trees. Here, the kids can build a campfire and lay out under the stars in sleeping bags without you having to worry where they are.

A wall of stone can also be built around a natural pond or natural swimming pool to make it look like a part of a mountain environment.
Because the Houston landscape is so flat, an otherwise beautiful pond can end up looking flat to the surrounding terrain and blend in too much with the yard.

However, if retaining walls of stone surround the pond with earthworks pressed back like artificial hills, the added dimension can make the Gulf Coast plain of our home territory look like Colorado. This is a great way to get your friends who are new to Houston to see their former home reflected in the image of your own. It is comforting and instantly appealing, to say the least.

If you value your privacy, you may also want to use stone landscaping walls to create certain areas that are off limits, so to speak, to the general crowd.
A courtyard is an excellent place to build such walls. The custom patio work functions as an outdoor living room floor. Greenery, statuary, and illuminated fountains add décor that create a luxury environment.

Building a high wall around such an area will complete the feeling of indoor space outdoors.
The wall can either completely enclose the area, or it can partly surround the patio and leave one side open to the rest of the yard. Not only does this provide you and a few honored guests with total seclusion, but it also adds significant vertical impact to your property that can enhance your curb appeal.

Such a place is ideal for a handful of people over for a special occasion. If you have a large property, a small group may feel overwhelmed by the vastness of your yard. However, sitting inside the comforting structure of a well-designed stone landscaping wall gives a feeling of structure that makes people feel comfortable and safe.

The stars, landscape lights, gardens, and trees are still there, however, to give them that feeling of outdoor life we all long to revel in provided it remains comfortable to our senses.

Of course, your landscape walls do not have to rise to such opulent heights to add dimension to your backyard landscape. Walls that are only a foot or two in height can add drama and interest to gardens. Because stone and vegetation go hand in hand in nature, adding a small wall around a garden or flower bed will contribute a powerful aesthetic to any landscape that has a strong bent toward a natural look.

If you have clients or loved ones that enjoy nature, guests who stroll through your landscape will often be better able to see your plants because a stone landscaping wall can be used to mount decorative downlights that bring out the richness in greenery and flower colors.

They will not even think about taking a paid tour in a public garden, or putting up with heat and crowds during the warmer months, when they can come over for cocktails in the cool of the evening and enjoy it as a courtesy of your hospitality.