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How to Use Stone Landscaping to Enhance your Estate

Many homes in the Memorial area are built along Buffalo Bayou and its tributaries. The view along the bayou is spectacular in many places. Trees rise up along its course, and many species of birds, land mammals, and amphibians make their home along its banks. If you live in such a home, stone landscaping by Exterior Worlds can enhance your property’s sense of drama, interest, and natural aesthetic.

If your property line overlooks a bayou, we can stone works to create any number of observations points from which you can enjoy a relaxed view of the bayou’s course. Something as simple as a large, flat stone can give you and your guests an extra few inches of vantage to look down on the water below.

If you want something a little more formal, a small stone wall can be built around an observation deck. This can be a great place for children to watch wildlife with binoculars and telescopes. It can also be a wonderful place for you to entertain a few intimate guests seated in a circle on a warm, starry night.

Stone landscaping in your back yard can also make your property look like more of the natural ecosystem. It will cause the trees in your back yard to look more like a natural forest littered with rocks. Such a scene, when taken in from the rear of your home, will make it appear as though your property extends infinitely into the wild beauty of the bayou itself.


Creating a realistic forest scene, however, is no easy matter. If you try to do it yourself, you will soon discover how something apparently so simple can be one of the most challenging landscaping feats you have attempted.

The reason for this is simple. When you landscape any property, your mind instinctively seeks to create an ordered pattern in design. While this almost always results in a favorable outcome with most landscaping elements, the opposite is true with stone landscaping.

Rocks in nature are never the same size. When we find them strewn about the earth, the patterns we find them in are random designs shaped by the forces of nature around them. To emulate this effect in in your own back yard, we will carefully choose stones of varying dimensions and weights and hand lay them around trees, along pathways, and in strategically chosen positions between landscaped elements.

We have to hand lay the stones to create the all-natural look for which we are aiming. Simply bringing in stones on a truck and dumping them under trees and bushes is just not going to do. A careful Houston landscaping plan is always developed first, with a view to stone landscaping as a vital component of the natural look we are aiming to create.

In some Memorial area homes there are also small rolling hills as properties rise up along the banks of the bayous. These hills can be developed into beautiful areas of drama and interest. Stone landscaping can be used here to build retaining walls that shape the grade of the land into spaces for gardens, patios, and flower beds.

As homes in the Memorial area are greatly varied in size and architecture, stone landscaping themes always flow in harmony with the aesthetic of the home. Forms and patterns we create are meant to compliment your dwelling and make it look more like the natural terrain of one of the most beautiful areas found anywhere in the greater Houston landscape.