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Stone Landscaping for a European Look

Houston neighborhoods like River Oaks and Tanglewood have a wonderful diversity of beautiful homes. Some of these homes are veritable mansions. Others are smaller, but no less distinctively Old World in their appearance. Lot sizes vary greatly as well. Some yards are relatively small, while other yards encompass several acres.

In every case, however, if you live in a home that features Old World architecture, you can have Exterior Worlds add a distinctively European flair to your property with stone landscaping.

While you may think of stone landscaping as being only for those who love the pure, raw look of nature itself, this is not really the case. Finely cut and polished stone can be used to build a wide range of landscape elements. Each of these elements will help contribute to your yard that European look and feel that you have been seeking.

Each element is carefully designed by our team to be a part of a greater whole that supports the architecture of your house. This is the foundational principle of our unique approach to Houston landscape design.


We are seeking to do more for you than simply improve how your yard looks. What we aim for is more of a linkage between the lifestyle that your home symbolizes and the landscape as a truly amenable outdoor living environment.

When approached from this perspective, it becomes possible for us to build you a variety of both horizontal and vertical stone landscaping elements. Stone patios, for example, are a great way to create the equivalent of outdoor flooring. These surface areas can be open to the air, or they can be literal flooring surfaces to enclosed, or partially enclosed, outdoor rooms.

As Europe has always been famous for its courtyards and palaces, one very practical way to replicate an Italian or French theme in your yard is to have us build you a courtyard fountain around which you can gather with your loved ones on warm, clear nights.

Another stone landscaping structure we can build for homes on relatively narrow lots is an entry garden. You may have something of an unsightly gap between your house and your neighbor’s property line. This unused space is sitting fallow, waiting for you to do something with it.

Rather than planting a flower bed like everyone else, why not do something amazingly different? Why not use this space as a transition space from your front yard to your back yard. Exterior Worlds can build you a special courtyard customized to the dimensions of the space beside your home.

A cut stone patio surface, surrounded by walls of finely hewn stone, can transform an otherwise limited space into something truly elegant. Walkways can then lead into the back yard into special areas of interests where different structures await your guests.

If your back yard is very large, it may overwhelm your guests’ sense of perspective when they move to the rear of the house. Dividing this large spread of land into smaller sections creates a more intimate sense of comfort for people who stroll from point to point throughout the evening.

Stone landscaping walls are the best way to create this effect. They do not have to be tall, either. Sometimes a wall that measures only a foot or two in height is all you need to create a partial barrier between a formal garden, a terraced area, and an intimate spot under the trees where a wooden arbor sits silently in the night.

Stone landscaping has been around for millennia, and it is still the preferred method of making the very best homes in Europe look truly regal in proportion. If you have an Old World style home in River Oaks, Tanglewood, or some other exclusive Houston neighborhood, call Exterior Worlds now to see how stonework can be used on your property to make your home distinctive in its bearing and significance.