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Landscaping Yards

When landscaping yards, Exterior Worlds follows a consistent policy that orients everything we do back to the beauty of the house itself.
Another way of saying this is that we have to transform your yard into an attractive and comfortable outdoor environment for you. This new living space will compliment your home architecture, and it will represent your own personal tastes and values in symbolic form.

In order to accomplish such a lofty goal, we have to design a landscape design plan for your new environment that shows all the planned landscape elements in proper proportion and scale to one another.
This planning process when we meet with you to develop a program for your landscaping plan. This program is the creative wish list, so to speak, of everything you would like to see created in your yard.

After the landscaping yard program is clear to us, we then turn our attention to a site analysis of your property. We look at your house itself, the size of your lot, the grade of the land, any easements on your property, any buried utilities, and existing large trees with extensive underground root systems. This gives us an idea of the feasibility of constructing the landscaping elements you desire.

By feasible we do not mean to say that you cannot have what you want.
It is always possible to create a desired element, or a variation thereof, if enough ingenuity is applied to the situation. However, the size, dimensions, materials used, and location of the elements may need to be altered to accommodate any limitations discovered during your site analysis


The marriage of the landscaping yard program and the site analysis, then, creates the landscape master plan that we work from.

While each plan is unique, some principles of landscaping yards are consistent in all of our projects.

  • Garden design will always be focused on enhancing home architecture and will feature a noticeable level of professionalism not available from other sources.
  • Concealed irrigation and drainage systems are built in order to maintain the health and vitality of your plants and to protect your yard against erosion.
  • Hardscape design focuses on a blend of aesthetics and practical function.
  • A diversity of trees is used to create décor, privacy, vertical impact, shade, and natural harmony.
  • Outdoor lighting is installed that allows you to enjoy the beauty of your landscape at night
  • The extensiveness of front yard landscaping correlates directly to the degree you plan to open your home to guests.
  • Large yards are divided into zones of interest to make them seem less overwhelming.
  • Small yards are made to look bigger with optical illusions.

A new swimming pool design is almost always proposed when landscaping yards. This is because most existing pools were not designed to work in harmony with the appearance of the house and the surrounding landscape. If your landscaper designs a new pool, then hires a pool company to install it, you get the best of both worlds and increase the curb appeal of your property.