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Beautiful Front Yard Landscape Ideas

New elements can add an entirely new dimension to the living space in front of your home. It can expand your entertainment opportunities by creating some very unique guest space. It can also increase curb appeal and improve your chances of making a significant profit off your home should you ever choose to sell it.

A beautiful front yard will greatly add to any moment you plan for home entertainment.
Entertainment does not have to involve large numbers of guests or elaborate plans. It can be something as simple as visiting with neighbors who stroll by your beautiful front yard on an evening walk. Perhaps the best platform you can offer for such a conversation is a small patio built in the front of your yard.

Here, you can extend a quiet invitation to neighbors who see you outside and may want to come over and chat. Walkways that diverge at a ninety degree angle from the sidewalk can lead straight to your patio to direct visitation to a controlled point of friendly, albeit limited, conversation. A nice visit by a fountain, or a custom garden, can end the day with a warm conversation of good will.

At the same time, it also establishes something of a polite distance between your neighbors and the interior of your home. Creating an environment in the front of your house that is specifically dedicated to visitation deters people from inviting themselves inside and keeping you up all hours on work nights.

A beautiful front yard can also be designed that will add to your personal experience as a homeowner.
In many neighborhoods like Memorial, West University, and River Oaks, trees play a significant role in Houston landscape design. Not only do they lend themselves to an innately calming natural aesthetic, but they also add a vertical impact to the front yard that helps magnify the façade of the home.


Private seating areas can be built under these trees illuminated with mercury vapor tree lights. This adds a dreamy, decorative compliment to the façade of your house and provides you with a superb vantage point from which to secretly spy on the rest of the world as it busily races by your home.

Of course, a beautiful front yard, by its very nature, is an investment in the equity of your home that you may one day decide to sell.
If the housing market improves, and if you decide to settle into a new nest far from the city, the investment you make now will surely pay off if you ever move to sell the home. A few simple elements are often all that is necessary to increase your home’s attraction factor.

The first if these is a high quality driveway. Driveways can be built of gravel, stone, flagstone, or decorative concrete. Such a hardscape is more than utilitarian in purpose. It is a true work of design that enhances both the home and the surrounding landscape with dramatic sense of welcome.

Organic elements of a beautiful front yard landscape can also be added to significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Organic walls made of mid-level trees, for instance, can create privacy that prospective home buyers often find highly appealing. Hedges lining the sides of walkways, patios, and driveways help unify architecture and nature in a way that communicates a warm feeling of life to those interested in purchasing the home.

Landscape lighting will sustain the visibility of your beautiful front yard so that anyone driving by at night will immediately recognize the importance of your property as a good investment to make in a new living space for themselves.
Both living elements and manmade structures are sharply defined as individual forms, while layers of general lighting maintain the unified theme of the design throughout the long hours of the night into the dawn of the following morning.