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Certain key elements play very important role in your yards design.
These elements must feature a high level of design, and they must relate to one another in the landscape design plan in a way that creates an attractive, comfortable outdoor living environment.

Trees are some of the most important elements in your yard, and they require professional attention to work in harmony with your overall landscape plan.
Trees of different sizes are needed to give your property the proper sense of vertical impact and depth. Small trees are needed for ornamenting gardens, pathways, retaining walls, and courtyards. Mid-growth trees accentuate the architecture of the home and outdoor buildings. They are also used to create privacy around special areas or in the spaces that border on neighboring properties.

Large trees provide shade and give the entire yard a sense of being more attuned to the natural world itself. When a large tree overhangs a wooden or wrought iron arbor or an outdoor kitchen, it makes that structure look more organic and innately attuned to the world of nature.

A truly impeccable yard design will also feature a variety of hardscapes.
Patios are essential spaces for anyone wanting to host outdoor events. They provide gathering areas and seating space around swimming pools, outdoor fireplaces, garden focal points, and private areas set aside for residents only.

Other forms of hardscape include walkways that add a sense of movement to the landscape, terraces that build dimension on top of dimension, steps that lead to special vantage points of interest, and masonry walls that add vertical impact to patios and terraces.


The gardens in a yard design tend to vary greatly in size and content.
Since the primary purpose of the garden is to create organic space that compliments home architecture, it is typical to plant a number of gardens in key locations relative to the home. There are also many different categories of gardens, such as formal gardens, herb gardens, cultural gardens, contemporary gardens, and tropical gardens, just to name a few. Within these categories are a wide range of types that can be planted in your home, and an almost infinite number of variations of each type.

Swimming pool design can make or break your home’s curb appeal, so get it done by a landscaping professional.
You should always have a landscaper design the form of the pool, then have your landscaper subcontract a reputable pool company to build out that design. This will ensure that your pool works with the rest of your yard’s design and enhances beauty and value of your property.

Even greater curb appeal can be created by adding outdoor architecture to your yard’s design.
Creating multiple outdoor living environments makes your back yard a place that can entertain a variety of personality types for a lengthy period of time. Outdoor rooms in the form of courtyards, entry gardens, and outdoor fireplaces give people special places to congregate for special moments. These rooms have walls, but they are uncovered on top to allow for a magnificent view of the nighttime sky.

Outdoor buildings, like summer kitchens, have roofs that shelter you from rain. These allow you to enjoy activities that are normally restricted to the inside of the house any time you like.

Other elements we can add to your yard’s design include garden pergolas, gazebos, and special patios just for two. Each of these elements will work with surrounding elements harmoniously, but each will also provide you with a very unique perspective on the landscape from its own special point of view.