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Have a beautiful yard

To have a beautiful yard, you will need more than tree trimming, colorful flowers, and well-mowed lawns.
It requires a landscape design plan that magnifies the beauty of the home and creates an outdoor living environment that makes you want to be outdoors.

The structured living space of your outdoor environment must be created through professional hardscape design.
Anyone who wishes to have a beautiful yard also wants a yard that is comfortable and safe. When people come over for evening events, they are going to want to stand around, roam through the yard, and have quality conversations. Some are going to want to swim, while others will want to play sports.

In order for these activities to be safely enjoyed, structured environments will need to be built that support them. Features such as swimming pool patios, entry gardens, outdoor living room courtyards, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens must all do their job and still do their part to help you have a beautiful yard.


Garden design should be done by professionals who can develop patterns of organic design that bring vitality to outdoor living space.
Although gardens may contain flowering plants, they are very different from flower beds. Whereas flower beds emphasize color, gardens emphasize varying shades of green. A diversity of plant life is used to create layers that range from dark green to light green. In addition to plants, shrubs, hedges, and small trees are used to give the garden geometry and texture.

This level of garden design requires you to work with a team of designers who can help you choose between them many formal, custom, cultural, historical, and contemporary garden designs that can be used to compliment your home.

You will also need a diversity of tree species and sizes in order to have a beautiful yard.
Trees add a vertical element to your landscape that makes it look more full and alive. However, you do not want your landscape to look like an impenetrable forest, nor do you want excessive shade in the wrong places.

To achieve the appropriate balance, you will need a combination of small trees for decoration, slow-growing trees for privacy and vertical impact, and large trees that create the feeling of being overshadowed by nature itself.

Exterior Worlds can recommend and install any tree types that will enhance your sense of outdoor living and better contribute to the curb appeal of your property.

Custom water features will also greatly enhance both your hardscape design and garden elements with dimension and movement.
Most people think of a swimming pool or a fountain when they think of water features. However, there are many more options available. Natural ponds, reflecting pools, streams, and natural waterfalls are just a few examples of how custom water elements can help you have a beautiful yard.

Outdoor lighting puts the final touches on your landscape design so you can enjoy it throughout the night.
It brings out all the beauty of each of your landscape elements and allows you to enjoy them throughout the night. It also creates layers of illumination that represent a form of design in their own right.