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Beautiful Backyard

A beautiful backyard supports the home as an outdoor extension of indoor living space. Its elements are proportional to one another, and its geometry is harmonious with the forms of nature even if expressed in the most sophisticated of manmade structures.

Professional landscaping companies are very different from lawn and garden landscape maintenance companies. They do far more than mow lawns, trim trees, and maintain flower beds. Professional landscapers actually build landscapes from the ground up by painstakingly drafting a landscape design plan.

A wide range of hardscapes, outdoor structures, and gardens are then constructed in accordance with this plan to create a beautiful back yard that seamlessly unites human lifestyle with nature itself.


Let’s begin our analysis of a beautiful backyard by looking first at the nature of professional hardscape design. Hardscape, by definition, is any manmade surface area upon which we walk, stand, or sit. These include, but are not limited to patios, walkways, steps, terraces, and pathways.

While the image of lush greenery leaps into the mind of most people when they hear the word “landscaping,” this image does not accurately represent what a true landscape is.

A beautiful backyard features much more hardscape than vegetation. The purpose for this becomes obvious when we consider that the intention of landscaping to begin with is to create outdoor living environments that must provide comfort and amenity to human beings.

The key to doing this without diminishing the aesthetic of nature is to use geometry in the creation of these hardscape elements. Geometry is not an abstract mathematical concept. It is actually the most concrete of mathematical sciences and its basic shapes are clearly evident throughout nature itself.

Geometry and scale allow us to build all sorts of hardscapes that compliment both the house proper and the landscape at large. The fact that we are covering soil and vegetation with stone, concrete, or pavers does not diminish the aesthetic of the scene.

In fact, doing so with a proper awareness of scale and proportion actually transforms these manmade structures into the essence of decorative accent that make for a truly beautiful backyard.

The same principles of scale, proportion, and geometry are applied when constructing more sophisticated outdoor environments. Gazebos, garden pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and entry gardens are just a few examples of outdoor architecture that create realms of experience where people can enjoy the beauty of the landscape from a variety of unique points of view.

Keep in mind that hardscaping and outdoor architecture are always built with respect for nature, not disrespect for its essence. By using the manmade to support the natural, what remains is a scene that is organic and dynamic, magnified in its sense of importance.

Further continuance of this magnification is done by careful cultivation of softscape elements like trees, gardens, and flowers. Smaller trees and shrubs can be planted and trimmed to add vertical geometry to a beautiful back yard, and garden designs ranging from the custom to the strictly formal create unique zones of interest throughout the property.

The key to successful softscaping in a beautiful backyard is to select species whose growth can be calculated, controlled, and easily maintained. This ensures that green and flowering plants maintain their vigor and color continuing to present a sense of freedom and life throughout the year.