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Beautiful Landscape Design

A beautiful landscape design creates an outdoor living environment that makes you want to be outside your home more than inside your home.
The elements that compose such design blend into a realm of experience that synthesizes thought, emotion, activity, and relaxation. Scale and scope are needed to make the landscape balanced during the day, and landscape lighting is installed to uphold its visible essence at night.

This results in a truly “livable” outdoor living environment that will lure you and your loved ones beyond the walls of your home regardless of day, night, or time of year.
Don’t confuse such allure with merely a pretty yard to go outside in, or a place to hold outdoor parties. When we talk about an outdoor living environment, we are describing something that offers multiple environments and special points of interest—just like rooms in your home.

In a beautiful landscape design, the many different types of environments we create represent diversity along the spectrum of architectural complexity.
Some are simply courtyards with low-level decorative walls that enhance a patio garden with vertical impact. Others are full-scale buildings, like outdoor kitchens, that you can remain in all day and all night. Others, such as arbors and garden pergolas, are somewhere between these two extremes.

No matter how simple or complex these structures are, they all have one thing in common: they respect the architecture of the home by extending the principles of its geometric design into that of the outdoor landscape.


A beautiful landscape design makes it a point to plant vegetation in geometric patterns that compliment architecture.
We often think of a garden as being something whose beauty is self-contained. Colors and forms create an aesthetic we can admire both near and afar. We must consider the garden as a key element to the landscape as a whole. The benefit of a professionally developed landscape design plan offers is the ability to use the garden as an aesthetic anchor point that compliments everything around it by radiating its aesthetic in multiple directions beyond its own boundaries.

A solid understanding of residential architecture and a calculated sense of proportion is needed to achieve this challenging effect.

Unique décor is another hallmark of a beautiful landscape design that is seen in both hardscape and softscape elements.
We never build a patio, driveway, walkway, porch, terrace, planter, or portico out of anything “plain.” Even a material as ordinary as concrete can be significantly upgraded aesthetically by making it colorful and textured. Other materials, such as pavers, flagstone, and decorative stone, offer even more aesthetic opportunities for us to construct hardscapes that will support any desired frame of mind.

Garden décor is used to accent plant life through the creation of focal points and supporting ornamentation. Everything from unique decorative stones, gravel beds, sculptures, and eclectic modern designs can be used to that end.

Water features are another vital feature of a beautiful landscape design.
Water is the foundational element of all organic life. Its presence on any landscape, regardless of theme, adds dimension and import to the scene. Even on contemporary landscapes where vegetation is minimized to promote a more humanistic, abstract view of reality, water is still necessary to represent its fluid nature.

All water features ranging from swimming pools, fountains, natural points, and waterfalls can be developed in a residential landscape design.