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Landscape Maintenance

All lawn care service is not created equal. The lawn care service we’re talking about not only includes a list of the expected duties, but also a lot of extra chores you might not have thought about. The Exterior Worlds’ version of lawn care service also includes an overall intention to provide premium care and attention to your landscape design and each element in it.

A lawn maintenance contract with Exterior Worlds includes items such as:


  • Regular mowing and trimming. We recommend mowing and trimming weekly in the spring and summer and every other week during the cooler months.
  • Lawn aeration. This practice is integral to proper lawn care service and provides many benefits: it increases the activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching, it improves water infiltration which helps with drainage and reduces harmful fungi, and it increases the earth worm population. These things work together in a synergic relationship to give you a better lawn. Core aeration also reduces fertilizer and pesticide run-off—and that helps the environment.
  • Chemical treatments. Fertilization, feeding and chemical treatments are another important step in lawn care service as they provide a boost to healthy plants and prevent diseases and infestations common to the Houston area.
  • Inspection of your irrigation system. Ongoing maintenance is critical for a fully functioning irrigation system. Since the system is both mechanical and electronic, it requires regular care, such as the replacement of stuck valves and broken heads. We also monitor the best times and days to water, which change depending on the weather and the season. For example, in Houston, the best time to start watering is usually a couple of hours before sunrise, which puts water on the plants and ground just in time for the sun to come up and start generating heat. Any earlier and the water just sits there, giving fungus the opportunity to grow.
  • Inspection of your drainage system. Your drainage system impacts the entire residential landscape maintenance as well. Since it drains water from low-lying areas, it prevents standing water that can cause slippery surfaces, mosquito breeding grounds and drowned landscaping. Proper yard drainage is essential for the care of your lawn as it moves water off your property in a timely manner, thus encouraging healthy grass and allowing the maintenance crew to perform its regular lawn service duties.


Additionally, Exterior Worlds offers garden services, either in combination with turf care or as a stand-alone contract. These services involve such tasks as:

  • Professional pruning.
  • Training vines.
  • Dead-heading flowers.
  • Rose maintenance.
  • Professional mulch installation and turning over of mulch.

The typical clients of Exterior Worlds are homeowners who understand the return on investment principle as relates to landscaping. They get the relationship between a beautiful, well-planned, well-maintained residential landscape and property value. Also, they appreciate the skills and expertise of professional landscapers because they see the upward financial potential this proficiency provides to their own bottom line.

And they also thoroughly enjoy beautiful, green spaces and luxurious outdoor living.

In 1987, Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston's fine neighborhoods.

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The Professional Landcare Network, a trade association for landscaping practitioners, published research earlier this year that showed the average spending on yard maintenance is expected to hold steady for 2013, while the biggest average spending increases will likely be on entertainment-type “hardscapes” like decks, outdoor kitchens and water features. Other popular hardscapes to add or upgrade include patios, walkways, fire pits and outdoor rooms. In general, construction has seen more of

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Lawn Landscape Maintenance for Houston

An excellent residential landscape begins with the grass and your lawn landscape maintenance program. Following are some best practices to help your lawn thrive. Weekly Care In Houston, a lawn landscape maintenance schedule typically means trimming weekly through the warm/hot months and every other week in the cooler months. Watering Practices Water long and less often--and it will provide deeper water penetration, which gives grass (and your other plant

Lawn Maintenance: Q & A

What is the easiest grass to plant and maintain in the Houston area? St. Augustine is the most common type used in Houston. Zoysia and 419 Tiff varieties can also be found. As long as good lawn maintenance practices are followed, these varieties do well in our climate. How often should we cut our grass? Turf typically needs mowing weekly through the summer and every other week in the winter months.

How Do I Develop a Landscape Maintenance Program?

For a truly unique landscape, you need the best landscape maintenance program possible. As an overview, you will want to become familiar with the local terrain and weather, use the best techniques and practices, and attend your program with discipline and regularity. Expert maintenance services are especially important for a luxury landscape, such as tropical landscaping or a Zen garden. And not just in the early phases when enthusiasm is

Landscape Maintenance Professionals

The landscape maintenance professionals at Exterior Worlds represent an exceptional, highly distinguished group of service providers in the Houston design community. Being landscape designers by trade, they understand more than anyone the importance of keeping up the aesthetics of an outdoor living environment. Custom agreements are written by these experts each spring that establish both the aesthetics and functionality for every zone of interest in a client’s yard. Investing

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The heart of landscape maintenance is regular lawn care, sometime referred to as “mow, blow and go.” However, the best maintenance program goes well beyond that simplistic list and includes the natural environment and the ongoing care of flower beds (for seasonal color, annuals and perennials), shrubs, and trees. Begin at the Beginning Landscape maintenance begins at the foundation of your yard—its natural environment. It’s not that you