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What is Landscape Maintenance?

The heart of landscape maintenance is regular lawn care, sometime referred to as “mow, blow and go.” However, the best maintenance program goes well beyond that simplistic list and includes the natural environment and the ongoing care of flower beds (for seasonal color, annuals and perennials), shrubs, and trees.

Begin at the Beginning
Landscape maintenance begins at the foundation of your yard—its natural environment. It’s not that you can’t tame and control nature. (At least, some of the time.) But your experience of your yard will be much more pleasant and sustainable if you work with nature instead of against it. When planning your landscape (or in assessing it, if you’ve got an established yard), take into account the hand that Mother Nature has dealt you.

The list includes these factors:

  • Soil drainage
  • Soil type
  • Soil nutrition
  • Moisture
  • Sunshine
  • Shade exposure
  • Space available for growth
  • Pruning
  • Pest susceptibility

The Grass is Always Greener
In the Houston area, lawns typically need trimming weekly through the summer and bi-weekly in the winter months. Optimally, lawns should to be fertilized four times a year as part of your landscape maintenance program. Additionally, most Houston lawns benefit from aeration twice per year, but since you really can’t aerate enough, the more often the better.

Carefully designed, installed and maintained flower beds can provide lasting beauty with their rich and brilliant displays of color. And nothing enhances the appearance of your home’s landscape more dramatically than adding seasonal color. Plant drought-tolerant and disease-resistant varieties of flowers, ornamentals and colorful natural grass. Good choices include pampas grass, spring bulbs, and black-eyed Susans. You might even choose older rose varieties, which are hardier than modern large-flowered hybrids. A smart garden such as this reduces the water requirement and the number of chemical treatment needed to fight diseases.

A well-designed maintenance program for all this beautiful color will include weeding, pest control, dead-heading, mulching, seasonal flower change-outs, and regular flower fertilization.


Tree and Shrub Care
The care of your shrubs and trees is the next big item in your maintenance program. Virtually every landscape includes shrubs, ornamental trees and large trees. They are the foundation on which to build your landscape design. These plants offer a variety of uses and appearance options, providing long term interest and different looks and textures throughout the calendar year. Careful management of the shape, limb growth, and fertilization is needed to keep your trees and shrubbery beautiful, healthy and thriving. Choose the right shrubs for your natural conditions and climate and you will enjoy reliable, trouble-free greenery with a minimum of maintenance.

Good maintenance is another way you build equity and create beauty for you and your family. In other words, it’s not only for show, it’s for money.

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