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What is a Good Landscape Maintenance Schedule?

Landscaping design and installation are merely the first steps in creating a beautiful yard. Next comes the necessary week-by-week step of a landscape maintenance schedule, something too important to be entrusted to the lowest bidder.

The engaged homeowners understand that dollars invested in landscaping—both plant materials and hardscapes—boost the value of their home and, for most of us, the home is our single largest asset. They find value in hiring professional landscapers because of regular landscaping services, such as expert care for the lawn and other plant material as well as all the hardscapes in your landscape design. This investment provides hours of pleasure while you’re living in the home and, when it comes time to sell the home, you have a distinctive and memorable property to put on the market.


A Well-Designed Landscape Maintenance Schedule
Here are some of the items that should be included on your regular schedule:

  • Regular mowing and trimming. In this area, “regular” is defined as mowing and trimming weekly March through October and bi-weekly from November through February.
  • Aeration. This best practice is vital to proper lawn care and provides the benefits of increased activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching, improved water infiltration which helps with drainage and reduces harmful fungi, and increased earth worm population.
  • Garden services such as: dead-heading flowers, rose maintenance, expert pruning and training of vines.
  • Professional mulch installation and regularly-scheduled turning over of mulch.
  • Chemical treatments. Feeding, fertilization and chemical treatments encourage vigorous plants. Plus they help prevent infestations and diseases common to the Houston area.
  • Inspection of irrigation system. A fully functioning irrigation system, with its mechanical and electronic parts, benefits from ongoing maintenance. It also needs to be monitored for the best times and days to water, which change according to the seasons and weather.
  • Inspection of drainage system. Proper yard drainage is essential for landscaping care as it transports water off the property in a timely manner. This promotes healthy grass and allows the maintenance team to perform its regular lawn care service duties.
  • Landscape lighting. A specialty feature in high-end landscapes that requires regular maintenance.
  • Tree preservation and tree protection. This service is especially critical during any construction project.
  • Outdoor kitchens and outdoor rooms. These outdoor spaces expand your living area and expand your enjoyment of the property.
  • Custom swimming pools. This expected amenity for the upscale home provides hours of pleasure when designed specifically for you and your family. It is best enjoyed when maintained with expert care by professionals.
  • Garden structures, including garden arches, garden arbors, trellises and garden gazebos.
  • Outdoor water fountains. Maintenance includes addressing the common problem of over-spraying, which is water bouncing out of the fountain onto hard surfaces, thus creating slippery walkways.
  • Fencing and gates. Repair and maintenance, including painting fences and gates and the repair of automatic gates.
  • Other hardscapes. Driveways and courtyards, outdoor fireplaces, patios, retaining walls and pathways need to be regularly maintained and repaired.