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Landscape Maintenance Professionals

The landscape maintenance professionals at Exterior Worlds represent an exceptional, highly distinguished group of service providers in the Houston design community. Being landscape designers by trade, they understand more than anyone the importance of keeping up the aesthetics of an outdoor living environment. Custom agreements are written by these experts each spring that establish both the aesthetics and functionality for every zone of interest in a client’s yard. Investing in a landscaping maintenance plan is the best way for Houston residents to protect their investment in lasting curb appeal.

The most important thing for homeowners to realize about our maintenance agreements is the powerful emphasis that they place on system and thorough procedure. Just as certain structures must be built on carefully developed foundations that are built to withstand seasonal changes year after year, so too are maintenance plans developed around a core of foundational services. Landscape maintenance professionals pay very careful attention to the quality of irrigation systems, which are essential to the organic vitality of a yard, and drainage systems, which protect both plant life and structure from the many hazards of standing water. Each February, our crews begin making their rounds to client properties to inspect equipment for reliable function. They adjust timers and water delivery volume to appropriate levels for spring irrigation requirements, and they clear, repair, and often upgrade concealed drains that draw water away from the home, landscape architecture, and plantings.


Every February as well, landscape maintenance professionals see to it that lawns, ground covers, gardens, shrubs, and trees get a healthy jump start on the growing season. Soil amendments are often needed at this time to accommodate for healthy root penetration of the thick claylike soil of the Gulf Coast. Fertilization and chemical treatments are also done for lawn grass, gardens, and flower beds. Trees are treated with extra care with deep root fertilization that helps them not only to grow, but also to better resist insect predation and diseases. Once spring is well underway and rapid plant growth begins, the team returns to implement a regular cycle of mowing, trimming, and pruning of all vegetation. This not only keeps plants looking neat, it also helps train the growth of certain species, such as vines and roses, which flourish when trimmed by a trained, experienced team of experts.

Landscape maintenance professionals also pay close attention to the inorganic elements of landscape design that give shape to the various zones of interest around the property. Patios, outdoor buildings, walkways, and swimming pools are all inspected for surface cracks and other signs of erosion. If serious damage is discovered, repairs are conducted per terms of the written agreement. If the texture and color of a surface has faded, agreements can also cover refinishing the original appearance of a walkway, patio, or outdoor building floor. Any equipment, such as water pumps in pools and fountains, or climate controls in gazebos or summer kitchens, are inspected at this time and repaired if necessary. Landscape lighting can also be inspected, repaired, and sometimes upgraded so that guests may enjoy the outdoors at night as well as during the day.

The best time to meet with a landscape maintenance professional is January to mid-February. This gives the landscaper time to itemize which specific services your property requires most and implement an appropriate cycle for fertilization, trimming, pruning, and mowing.