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Landscape Maintenance for West University Place, TX

When it comes to landscape maintenance in West University Place, the top two considerations are tree protection and drainage. West U has some of the most beautiful trees in the Houston area, and municipal codes strictly regulate any type of construction work in and around trees. Drainage systems rank foremost among the many structural elements of landscaping that must be built and maintained in strict compliance with local codes. At the same time, they must function as intended without diminishing the curb appeal of the property.

The reason that drainage is such an important element of landscape maintenance in West University Place is the smaller size lots that predominate in this township. The median lot size 7,500 square feet, with many lots measuring only a little over 2,000 square feet total. Trees are therefore very close to many structures that can damage their roots. Any drain that is installed near the roots of a tree must be properly permitted, and the city government must receive a written listing of tree preservation strategies undertaken during the project. (Exterior Worlds handles all such permits and reports for our clients.)

Custom, concealed drains must be built into hardscapes, driveway and parking areas, and gardens in order to prevent standing water from accumulating in the yard. The importance of concealment increases even more on small lots, where only a few feet of water can threaten the home itself. This is why any agreements for landscape maintenance in West University Place always includes routine inspection of drainage systems, cleanign of drains, basic repair services, and land grade management – all executed in strict compliance with municipal codes.

Along similar lines, irrigation systems frequently have to be customized in order to meet the unique requirements of each individual property. Each type of vegetation often has its own unique irrigation requirements that must be attended to during the hot, dry portion of the summer. While part of this requires building different water delivery systems for trees, gardens, flower beds, and lawns, it may also call for increasing water retention in the soil itself.

Landscape maintenance for West University yards always include a balance of soil treatment and customization of irrigation systems. This ensures that plants get the water they need in the event that we witness another prolonged drought, like that of 2011, where city governments began to regulate the amount of water that could be used for irrigating yards. Services such as lawn aeration, deep root fertilization, mulching, and drip irrigation can be strategically combined in a custom maintenance agreement that keeps lawn grass green throughout the year and helps larger shrubs and trees retain their foliage regardless of inclement weather.

Once these structural concerns are properly addressed, vegetation can be more efficiently maintained on a regular basis. Lawn care services include more than weekly lawn grass cutting. They also include pruning, vine training, tree services, and garden maintenance. This is a particularly valuable feature for landscape maintenance in West University Place. Smaller yards require meticulous pruning of all front yard plantings and trees in order to maintain impeccable curb appeal. Larger yards require an integral treatment of everything from grass to tree tops in order to point the entire landscaping design toward the preeminent focal point of the home.

West U landscaping and maintenance is more than basic lawn service. It is the structural maintenance of distinguished properties whose individual appeal can only be maintained by conscious, custom care.