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Landscape Maintenance for Tanglewood Residents

Landscape maintenance for Tanglewood residents in Houston, Texas involves a blend of highly specialized services along with services regarded as standard to proper lawn, garden, and tree growth upkeep. Tanglewood is a highly dynamic community in terms of architectural and landscape design. Lots range from 3,000 square feet up to 44,000 square feet. Architectural styles include traditional, Mediterranean, Ranch, French, Modern, and Contemporary. Resultantly, our team caters to a very broad spectrum of clients in this world-class neighborhood who have very specific needs that only a custom landscaping maintenance program can accommodate.

Specific examples follow that briefly describe some of the more unique requirements of landscape maintenance for Tanglewood properties we have encountered over the past three decades.

One of the things we have noticed is that many of the properties in Tanglewood are home to some of Houston’s most majestic old-growth trees. Some of these trees look so picturesque in relationship to the home that you get the feeling you are looking at a fine work of art when you view the property from the street. It is our firm belief that any such trees be managed from the perspective of preserving not just their own natural beauty, but also the beauty of the entire scene. This requires the health and vitality of trees to be safeguarded just as much as their appearance. Tree care not only involves regular pruning and trimming, but it also includes aggressive soil aeration and deep root fertilization that will encourage healthy leaf growth and the development of strong, resilient limbs more amenable to pruning and directing toward desired patterns of growth.


These services tie in with another important aspect of landscape maintenance in Tanglewood, TX. Irrigation can be a challenge for some of the properties here because of the unique combination of land grade and soil density in this part of the city. Whereas many Houston neighborhoods have problems with land grade and drainage, many Tanglewood properties are characterized by grade and drainage so exceptional that it can actually cause problems with irrigation. Due to the heavy concentration of clay in the Houston soil, water absorbency can be so minimal that even an irrigated yard can suffer from a lack of hydration.

To counter this, and to maintain a proper balance of soil hydration and code-compliant storm water runoff, Tanglewood landscape maintenance programs focus heavily on proper soil amendment, aeration, and concealed, custom drainage and irrigation systems. Developing and maintaining these structures is the key to delivering the superior lawn care, garden maintenance, and flower bed services that homes like these require. Additionally, blending lawn and garden management into a custom lawncare plan allows us to sculpt lawns, flower beds, ground cover plantings, and hedges into multiple layers of ascending vertical impact that climax in the grand finale of the home’s impeccably presented façade.

Along similar principles, it is often necessary to customize service agreements even further for properties that feature highly stylized hardscapes, parking areas, motor courts, and custom driveways. Many of Tanglewood landscape maintenance plans are individually customized to cover inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and upgrading these hardscape elements if and when any structural elements arise. In both very small yards and exceptionally large yards that feature more hardscape than lawn grass, lawn and garden care is stylized and scheduled in such a way as to magnify the appeal of both home and hardscape to the extent that the aesthetics of both premier elements merge into a powerful magnification of curb appeal.