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Landscape Maintenance

All lawn care service is not created equal. The lawn care service we’re talking about not only includes a list of the expected duties, but also a lot of extra chores you might not have thought about. The Exterior Worlds’ version of lawn care service also includes an overall intention to provide premium care and attention to your landscape design and each element in it.

A lawn maintenance contract with Exterior Worlds includes items such as:


  • Regular mowing and trimming. We recommend mowing and trimming weekly in the spring and summer and every other week during the cooler months.
  • Lawn aeration. This practice is integral to proper lawn care service and provides many benefits: it increases the activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching, it improves water infiltration which helps with drainage and reduces harmful fungi, and it increases the earth worm population. These things work together in a synergic relationship to give you a better lawn. Core aeration also reduces fertilizer and pesticide run-off—and that helps the environment.
  • Chemical treatments. Fertilization, feeding and chemical treatments are another important step in lawn care service as they provide a boost to healthy plants and prevent diseases and infestations common to the Houston area.
  • Inspection of your irrigation system. Ongoing maintenance is critical for a fully functioning irrigation system. Since the system is both mechanical and electronic, it requires regular care, such as the replacement of stuck valves and broken heads. We also monitor the best times and days to water, which change depending on the weather and the season. For example, in Houston, the best time to start watering is usually a couple of hours before sunrise, which puts water on the plants and ground just in time for the sun to come up and start generating heat. Any earlier and the water just sits there, giving fungus the opportunity to grow.
  • Inspection of your drainage system. Your drainage system impacts the entire residential landscape maintenance as well. Since it drains water from low-lying areas, it prevents standing water that can cause slippery surfaces, mosquito breeding grounds and drowned landscaping. Proper yard drainage is essential for the care of your lawn as it moves water off your property in a timely manner, thus encouraging healthy grass and allowing the maintenance crew to perform its regular lawn service duties.


Additionally, Exterior Worlds offers garden services, either in combination with turf care or as a stand-alone contract. These services involve such tasks as:

  • Professional pruning.
  • Training vines.
  • Dead-heading flowers.
  • Rose maintenance.
  • Professional mulch installation and turning over of mulch.

The typical clients of Exterior Worlds are homeowners who understand the return on investment principle as relates to landscaping. They get the relationship between a beautiful, well-planned, well-maintained residential landscape and property value. Also, they appreciate the skills and expertise of professional landscapers because they see the upward financial potential this proficiency provides to their own bottom line.

And they also thoroughly enjoy beautiful, green spaces and luxurious outdoor living.

In 1987, Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston's fine neighborhoods.

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Many studies show that a professionally designed and maintained residential landscape is a key element in the valuation of your property. Therefore, your landscape represents an investment in your pleasure now with an expected return, often several times over, when you sell your property later. Landscape Maintenance Services: Softscapes A short list of landscape maintenance services for plants, also known as softscapes, includes: Mow and edge grass. Trim small trees,

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Since most of the soil in Houston tends to be heavy clay, you may need to consider regularly aeration as part of your lawn maintenance program. One way to check if your lawn needs aeration is to excavate a hole about 6” deep. If grass roots have only grown 1-2 inches down, your soil is probably compacted should be aerated with a core machine. Remember the root will be deeper in

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Design and installation are the first steps in your landscape design. Then comes the week-in, week-out care and consideration of the landscape. Houston lawn service is a year-round affair which requires attention to maintain the overall design intent, plus some particular tasks caused by our climate and environment. The Elements of Houston Lawn Service • Lawn Service Residential landscape maintenance begins with the lawn. Houston lawns require mowing and trimming weekly

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Lawn maintenance service is a fundamental aspect of overall landscape care. It sets the tone for all the other elements. Or, at least it does, the way Exterior Worlds does it. Let us act as property managers for your home landscape and gardens. Our lawn maintenance service begins with an intention to maintain and improve the original design, plus provide ongoing and regular superior care, expertise and attention. For high-net