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Landscape Maintenance Services: Their Purpose and Importance

Many studies show that a professionally designed and maintained residential landscape is a key element in the valuation of your property. Therefore, your landscape represents an investment in your pleasure now with an expected return, often several times over, when you sell your property later.

Landscape Maintenance Services: Softscapes
A short list of landscape maintenance services for plants, also known as softscapes, includes:

  • Mow and edge grass.
  • Trim small trees, bushes, hedges and ground cover.
  • Train vines, including roses and other climbing cultivars, on garden arches, garden arbors and trellises.
  • Prune annual flowers to maximize the individual bloom cycles.
  • Mulch. A special note: putting too much mulch on the base of plants is as big a problem as no mulch.
  • Cover plants in advance of freezes.
  • Pull weeds, as required.
  • Fertilize and feed, which means every six weeks for Houston landscapes.
  • Treatments for fungus, weeds and insects, approximately two to four times per year.

In thinking about your landscape, garden designers, with their high levels of knowledge and discernment about design principles, plants and ecological systems, can be considered a vital resource, especially if you work with a professional whose ultimate goal is to develop a landscape design that will meet your needs and goals. And in the process, create a beautiful environment.

Landscape Maintenance Services: Hardscapes
In the language of landscapers, hardscapes are the permanent features constructed on your property that serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Hardscapes are often customized specifically for a particular usage or site. Examples of custom hardscapes include summer kitchens, garden arbors, a luxury swimming pool and other water features such as a water fountain.


Different materials are available when building these outdoor elements—wrought iron, metal, stone, brick, wood, stained concrete, to name a few. Homeowners choose these materials based on texture, form and color, qualities that add interest to your overall design and that enhance the architecture of your home and the existing vegetation.

Once designed and built, it is essential to keep your hardscapes maintained, something that a professional landscape company can do for you.

Landscape Phasing
When stepping back and looking at the big picture of your landscape, it is easy to get overwhelmed. One concept that addresses this issue is landscape phasing—whether your “overwhelm” issue is due to the size of your budget, the size of your property or estate, the size of your dream and how you want your landscape to ultimately look, or the general paralysis that occurs when you consider undertaking a project in which you are not well-versed.

Landscape phasing turns your landscape dream into a step-by-step process. With this approach, you and your landscape professional plan steps to begin and complete the different elements of your landscape design over time. Such a long-term plan provides several benefits, primarily financial: you get to spread your outlay of cash over several months. Or even years. While installing an entire landscape through a series of phases may be slightly more expensive, it is easier on some budgets than being hit with one big lump sum.