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What About Landscape Maintenance For Tanglewood, Texas?

In an area of Houston west of downtown and near the Galleria stands Tanglewood, a neighborhood of more than 1,000 homes in 15 sections and one of Houston’s most prestigious areas. This prosperous part of the city is delightful with its luxurious mansions, majestic oak trees and other wooded areas. Incidentally, these oaks prove the original developer possessed great vision when he chose the name “Tanglewood” because in the 1930s when development started, this part of the city was open prairie that discouraged the growth of trees.

Today’s lot sizes vary, but especially with the older properties where you can find two-plus acres lots, Tanglewood landscaping provides a welcoming and distinguished feature of this prominent neighborhood. A meticulous and regular landscape maintenance plan is the best way for you to protect the financial outlay that you’ve made in your Tanglewood landscaping.


Why Landscape Maintenance Matters In Tanglewood, Texas
Professional Houston landscape service companies ensure that your landscape develops as desired. They provide the level of precision, knowledge and care that an extensive and multi-faceted landscape needs and deserves.

For the homeowner, beautiful gardens provide a sense of pleasure and well-being, a feeling derived when you are entertaining guests in a well-appointed outdoor room, enjoying sunny weather in a luxury swimming pool or looking out the window at a playful outdoor sculpture.

Landscape maintenance becomes quite practical when the time arrives to sell your place. It makes your home memorable, giving you an edge over other houses in your price range.

Basic Landscape Maintenance Services In Tanglewood, Texas
Elements of the type of professional care typically required by Tanglewood landscaping include:

  • A professional landscaper can best perform the necessary tasks of clipping, pruning and trimming. A true professional understands plant form and uses best practices for maintaining your plants’ appearances and provides you with the most vital and vigorous gardens and yards.
  • For this part of the country, it is recommended that lawns and flowers be feed and fertilized about every six weeks.
  • Strict attention needs to be paid to the intent of the original design. Many gardens in Tanglewood are done in a specific style, such as a Japanese garden, English garden design, formal landscape design or modern landscape design. You want a provider who understands how to care for these different garden styles over the long haul.
  • Be sure that only premium mulch bought from the best sources in town is used. Mulch installation should to be applied so that there is no unnecessary build-up on plants, even if it requires spreading it by hand.
  • Tanglewood’s deed restrictions are strictly enforced by the homeowners’ association, which includes front and side line setbacks for every home. All plans have to be approved by an architectural control committee prior to any construction.

Back to the name “Tanglewood”, the developer borrowed it from the collection of Greek myths re-written by Nathaniel Hawthorne for children. Sixty years later, it seems very apt for this title to have been chosen as the name of a neighborhood in a city known for putting out the welcome mat to anyone who wants to dig in and write the myth of themselves.