Wrought Iron Arbor

The Simple Beauty of a Wrought Iron Arbor

Exterior Worlds Wrought Iron Arbor Design And Installation ServicesWe know beauty when we see it, whether it is great grandeur or an unadorned and small wonder. In a garden, few things match the simple beauty of a wrought iron arbor. A wrought iron arbor conveys strength while functioning as a background for leafy-green and flowering vines. It is that mix of hard and soft, enduring and ephemeral that is so compelling.

Defined as a type of garden structure, an arbor is an open-air structure that can be covered on top by lattice work or a solid roof. Often, it forms the framework on which vines grown to create a lively and verdant shaded area. Arbors have delighted gardeners for ages and have been part of landscape architecture at least since the 1600s.

Arbors often serve as a link between different elements in the design of your landscape. Examples include a covered walkway to a meditation garden, a custom swimming pool or an outdoor water fountain. They also can be free-standing, becoming a focal point by adding height and interest, such as on your patio or deck design.

A wrought iron arbor can be practical. You can support and train fruit-bearing or vegetable vines to grow on it. Additionally, it can be your shade in places where it is hard or not practical to grow trees or where you prefer an open, airy space to catch a breeze.

A wrought iron arbor is a welcome addition to any Mediterranean landscape design or English garden design. It underscores your chosen theme while providing a place to grow, say, colorful bougainvillea or climbing roses.


Wrought iron is an excellent choice for other elements within your landscape. It is a time-honored choice for fences and gates, especially wrought iron driveway gates. A wrought iron wall element makes a blank wall suddenly interesting. A wrought iron garden gate in a stone or wooden privacy fence adds a welcoming note.

As an art form, wrought iron has been desired for centuries. It has decorated fine homes and gardens in such diverse locales as Greece, Egypt, Italy, France, England, Argentina and now the U.S. in the forms of gates, doors, balconies, fences, shutters, window grilles, hardware and furniture.

Homeowners prize it for its functionality, providing security, privacy and utility. Besides an arbor, it can be used for structures and other architectural features. Also, it can serve as functional ornamentation, accents and accessories. Being a strong material, it works best in places where it showcases its inherent strength.

You can find wrought iron works that are rich in detail in such classic styles as Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XV, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. More contemporary designs using other metals like bronze, copper or stainless steel can also be found, many of the pieces custom-made.

As for arbors, in addition to wrought iron, they can be made of treated wood, galvanized aluminum, and stone combined with wrought iron, wood or aluminum. Your only limitation on design options is what is appropriate for your house’s architecture and any other material choices you’ve made in your landscape design.

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