Estate Fencing

If you have invested in a country estate near Houston, or if you live on a large estate in Memorial, River Oaks, or Tanglewood, then you need to invest in custom estate fencing by Exterior Worlds. Avoid any temptation to use the fencing materials that are so readily available through retail channels. The curb appeal of your entire property is at stake, so this is one area where the very best investment on your part is called for.

The estate fencing we design for our clients typically consists of a combination of wrought iron fence and masonry walls. The materials used in the masonry are carefully chosen to compliment the materials used in the hardscape elements of your landscaping plan. They also compliment the materials used to build your house. Careful selection of masonry materials is of the utmost importance here. When people look at your property, they will see a complimentary balance between your walkways, patios, fence walls, and home design.

Masonry walls in estate fencing can therefore be built from either stone or brick. There are near infinite size and color combinations of both. Regardless of the style of the house and the types of hardscapes that decorate the yard, masonry elements in the fence can be created with near mirror image accuracy.


In order to generate maximum curb appeal, it is necessary to use alternating sections of masonry wall with wrought iron fencing. Both of these elements provide an appropriate boundary against trespass. Equally important, however, is an appropriate level of privacy. We want people who pass by your estate to see just enough of it to be impressed by the many elements that surround your house. However, we also want to shield more private areas of your yard, along with the windows of your home, from the prying eyes of the too curious.

This is a delicate balance that takes a great deal of survey planning and drafting to calculate. It is just as much a matter of mathematics as it is aesthetics and definitely needs the expertise of an experienced landscape designer.

It is also vital that your estate fencing be built at the right height. As elements of vertical impact, both the masonry walls and the wrought iron fence posts must rise to a level that supports the vertical of your house. If they are too short, they do not do the home justice.

If they are too tall, they overpower its façade. The complexity of this design equation becomes even more apparent the moment we realize that walls and fence posts rise to different heights. Customized planning on our part is required to use the vertical elements of masonry to support outdoor architecture around your home.

As wrought iron is also a highly decorative element in its own right, it is also possible to reflect landscape designs in the patterns use in the fencing itself. More modern landscapes are better supported by simplicity. The more formal styles with traditional Old World or Colonial architecture are better supported by elaborate patterns in the wrought iron runs of their estate fencing.