Wrought Iron Wall Elements & Trellis

Wrought iron wall elements can be used to focus the eye and add beauty to outdoor spaces. By providing architectural detail, wrought iron wall elements put the finishing touch on an outdoor room, patio design or outdoor kitchen.

Large iron pieces add dimension, depth, and detail into a space. Examples include metal wall grilles, rosettes, scrolls, squares, rectangles and circles. You can also find wrought iron plaques in a variety of fantastical and realistic impressions—frogs, fish, faces, sun, moon and stars.

Wrought iron wall elements work really well in certain themed landscape designs. They intensify and underscore a Tuscan garden or Mediterranean landscape design since, typically, the Tuscan ambiance entails a rustic and relaxed feeling.

Wrought iron accents key off nicely against the earthy colors and patinas common to Tuscan decorating such as terracotta, natural wood, and earthy colors, including burgundy, brick red, copper, pumpkin, golden yellow and olive green.


Wrought iron wall décor adds panache to the formal landscape design, as well. French designs figure prominently in the wrought iron lexicon and it doesn’t take much to conjure up the gardens of Versailles. Wrought iron in Spanish designs can be readily found if your home has Spanish architecture.

If you think a wrought iron wall accent piece is right for your landscape design, there are some considerations you should think about before purchasing and before installing them. Begin by looking at the stationary elements in the design of your space and make sure your intended wall décor blends with them. When shopping, look for accent pieces that inspire you.

Correlate the size of the decorative element with the size of the wall. For instance, a single, small accent piece would get swallowed up on a large, blank wall. If you have a large wall or fence, a single over-sized piece makes a stronger statement than several small ones. It also keeps down the visual clutter and brings the eye sharply to point.

Alternatively, a collection of small iron pieces can add interest to a wall and can also showcase your personal style and taste. If appropriate, you can try placing contrasting textures and shapes together.

Other placement ideas: friezes, pediments and valances over exterior doors and windows. Wrought iron shelf brackets. Wrought iron candle sconces. A wall element hung over an outdoor fireplace or on a fence. A grille inserted into a fence so that it creates a breezeway, but keeps the fence secured.

If you use wrought iron in other areas of your landscape, such as a wrought iron driveway gate, wrought iron trellis or wrought iron garden gate, be sure the styles are integrated. You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but neither do you want to create visual clashes.

Wrought iron is a strong and long-lasting material that works in any environment, but particularly so in outdoor garden and patio landscapes. Its beauty is always in fashion. From a maintenance point of view, you can’t ask for an easy piece of art to take care of. So, put a wrought iron wall element in your landscape design. Then sit back and enjoy.

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