Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

A wrought iron driveway gate finishes off your property in an imposing way by saying something about sustainability and substantiality. They are valued for aesthetic reasons and for its practical uses. Simply put, wrought iron driveway gates add panache to your landscape design.

In The Middle Ages, wrought iron entered the decorative arts. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, wrought iron was prized for its inherent strength. It was used for industrial purposes, such as warships and railways, water and steam pipes, and nuts and bolts. It still thrives today although true wrought iron is mainly forged only for historic preservation projects.

A form of iron called mild steel is most often used in today’s landscaping products. This steel is strong and malleability, but also less expensive to produce. You get the essence of real wrought iron, though, because artisans can still bend and form decorative embellishments with it even though it is done with electric welding.


Sculpting the steel with heat, talent, and dexterity, these modern craftsmen forge both classic and contemporary shapes to enhance any surrounding. Heat is used to transform an ordinary rod of steel into a pleasing geometric shape such as a trefoil, a spiral, a rosette, or even a gargoyle.

Within this tradition, you can find a wide variety of finely detailed, elaborate motifs.
Wrought iron can be shaped into organic forms like leaves, flowers and grape clusters. There are also rhythmic designs such as folds and filigrees, twists and scrolls. Part of the wonder of wrought iron is to see these delicate and intricate shapes made from such a hard material.

Besides wrought iron driveway gates, the great tradition of iron in the decorative arts can be used elsewhere in your landscape. Wrought iron fences and gates are perfectly suitable to surround a custom swimming pool, for example. Plus, a special antique ornamental iron element or ornamental iron railings can turn even the most unremarkable fencing around a pool into a remarkable feature of your landscape design.

From a utilitarian point of view, you have other considerations when installing a wrought iron driveway gate. Examples include openings of more than 14-feet long and openings that are on an incline. A sliding gate or double swing gate are suitable solutions for these different situations.

Also control over access needs to be addressed. Usually, gates are outfitted to open automatically or upon command. Automatic gate openers, remote controls, sensors and code entry keypads are examples of devices that can be configured to open the gate with a command from the car, which eases entry. Simultaneously, these electronic devices can be synchronized to work with your garage door opener.

Because gates have both a mechanical and a technical component, you can expect them to break down from time to time. A time-saver for busy homeowners is a home garden services contract with a professional landscaper that includes the repair of automatic gates. Having these pros do fence repair and maintenance is nice, too.