Iron Wall Planters

Tailor-Made: Iron Wall Planters

Exterior Worlds Iron Wall Planter Design And Installation ServicesFor a practical and yet sumptuous finishing touch to your landscape design, consider custom ordering iron wall planters. These planter boxes, substantial, well-made and decorative, could add the final element to the overall look and atmosphere you want to create for your landscape.

Iron wall planters can be made in any style, shape or color, thus becoming the perfect accessory to go along with other iron elements you might already have. Styles range from any number of classic periods from the Renaissance up to, and including, the spare lines of Modernism.

Shapes are typically rectangular or square, but can be customized to fit any niche you might have on your wall or fence. As for colors, you have the full palette, from authentic metal shades to cheerful and bright colors.


Iron wall planters can be made from aluminum, steel or copper. For durability and ease of maintenance, they can be galvanized or powder-coated. You also want to look for planters that are made with holes in the bottom to let water run out, in the interest of those plants who don’t like their “feet” wet.

Ornamental iron, also called wrought iron, has a long history as a decorative art, going back to The Middle Ages. Iron styles and forms used today continue to acknowledge those roots in early Western history. Today, this ancient art form still captivates us, still thrills us.

This, in spite of the fact that today we use mild steel instead of true wrought iron and electric welding rather than a hammer and anvil in our landscape products. It is as if it is possible to see the fire that transforms a metal rod into circles, spirals and rosettes. The heat and history are palpable, the artistry made solid and immutable.

While iron pieces work in almost any landscape, because of its particular antecedents, wrought iron goes especially well in gardens that have a theme. A formal landscape design, reminiscent of the gardens of Versailles, makes good use of iron with wrought iron garden gates and wrought iron fences in a Baroque pattern, for example.

Likewise, the profusion of an English garden design invites a wrought iron trellis. A perfectly placed ornamental iron railing blends seamlessly into a Mediterranean landscape design.

For the current day landscapes, various motifs, accents and uses of ornamental iron include structures and other architectural features, such as doors, door panels, outdoor gazebos, screens, window grilles, outdoor water fountains, handrails, banisters, balconies, column capitals, copings and pilasters.

Within the realm of functional ornamentation, you will find landscape lighting fixtures, wrought iron driveway gates, door knockers, door handles, hinges, curtain rods, gate ornaments, andirons and fireplace tools, gratings, partitions, benches and outdoor tables.

Accents and accessory pieces include appointments such as mirror frames, antique wrought iron rosettes, wrought iron wall elements, sculptures and gargoyles.

Ornamental iron introduces a timeless beauty into one’s landscape design. Scrupulous designs, inspired decorative trimmings, finely executed artistry accurately describe the wealth of ornamental iron works, such as iron wall planters, that are just waiting to be integrated into your landscape.

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