Antique Wrought Iron

Are you looking for something that is a little different or one of a kind for your landscape design? If so, consider an antique wrought iron piece. It works perfectly in spaces of any size; a small courtyard, at a front door, in a large garden, as part of an estate, to name a few examples.

Since wrought iron is such a ubiquitous decorative art form, you can find antique wrought iron pieces from just about every corner of the world. A quick stroll through an antique architectural element yard and you might find an antique wrought iron garden arbor from 1940’s England. Or an antique circular wrought iron tree surround with bench seating, made in the early 1900s, also from England.

Perhaps you’ll be taken by an English heavy cast iron door knocker in the form of a fist that holds a laurel wreath. And wouldn’t it be a great conversation starter to say that the fence railing that cordons off your rose garden once stood in Regent’s Park?

From Belgium, perhaps you’ll buy a two-foot tall roof top finial. From Egypt, flower planters, side tables, wall sconces, mirror frames and chandeliers. And from Argentina, ornate wrought iron balconies in intricate florals.

Other antique wrought iron stock includes antique iron gates, garden arches, garden furniture, wrought iron panels, transoms, iron window grills and wrought iron grates. And this is hardly an inclusive list.


If you want a custom piece, there are design firms who can make specialty architectural wrought iron pieces using old iron. Many will use hand forging techniques when making their custom orders to further support the sense of authenticity.

Another option is to buy a reproduction of an antique architectural element that is no longer to be found. The beauty of this option is that it provides you with the unique and unusual, yet still gives you the convenience of sizing it just for that very special place in your yard.

Wrought iron with an historic twist, both literal and figurative, can be incorporated into any landscape zone or hardscape, be it an exclusive accessory in an outdoor room, a conversational element in an outdoor gazebo, a decorative accent on a wrought iron fence or anywhere else you need a focal point.

Aged wrought iron is suitable for interior and exterior spaces, for residential and commercial grounds. It helps define a home or property that is filled with imagination, especially when there is expert juxtaposing of different textures, styles, elements and furnishings.

Antique iron artifacts and hardware add distinction to any design by creating a structural surprise and a visual enhancement. It is perfect, whether you incorporate it into new construction, a renovation project, as a finishing touch to an outdoor kitchen or a patio design, or as a stand-alone garden structure. The potential is yours for the making.

Regardless of how you use historic wrought iron in your landscape, it is clear that wrought iron meets the needs of the sophisticated homeowner. It conveys a worldly point of view while revealing a reverence for history.